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Brazilian magazine Veja: The name of the problem is Chavez

March 19, 2003

Brazilian magazine Veja has become a good source of articles which are critical of Chavez, here is the spanish version of one called “The name of the problem is Chavez”, the original in Portuguese is here. I love the following description (not really, it is actually quite depressing):

“The Brazilians who celebrated in the Sao Paulo Social Forum, last January, perhaps did not know that left-wing parties were the first to abandon Chavez. Amost 30 Deputies changed sides……….Chavez spoke 40 hours in these 25 nationwide programs. His Sunday program Hello President! lasts from four to five hours. There, he tells jokes, sings, insults his adversaries. The one who has really changed in these four years of populism is Chavez himself. Besides gaining weight, he loves watches and Italian suits. he also bought an airplane for US$ 70 million. His oldest daughter is studying in Paris”

Ruling by example: High Government officials don’t pay their taxes

March 19, 2003

The Mayor of the Baruta municipality of Caracas denounced today that a number of high Government officials have failed to pay their home real state taxes to that municipality in the last few years. The list was quite long, but I love the fact that the Head of the Tax Office is on the list as not having paid his taxes for two years and the fact that the Foreign Minister Roy Chaderton, who is always pontificating about the poor and being a good citizens, has not paid his for “only” eight years. Another prominent name is none other than the Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez who is supposed to uphold the law, but we knew he has never done that anyway.

The French, the U.N. and the war in Iraq

March 19, 2003

I love the consistency of French foreign policy, after opposing the war they now say they will join the fray if Saddam uses biological or chemical weapons. I also love how they toasted with champagne with Mugabe last month in Paris. Note that I have made no judgement on the war in Iraq, it would take another blog to explain my position on it, let me just say I don’t oppose it, I just think it was incredibly stupid not to finish off the job in ’91 and somehow it seems to me Colin Powell had a lot to do with it, no? As to the U.N. and the impact of the U.S. by-passing it, any institution that has Lybia chairing its Human Rights Commission can’t have it all together. To me that’s like appointing Venezuela to Head the commission on labor movements or democracy. My only concern is that our devious President may use this as an excuse to bypass the OAS, but somehow it seems he already has done it, so it is basically irrelevant.

The Destruction of Petroleos de Venezuela by Emma Brossard

March 19, 2003

Interesting article by Emma Brossard on what is going on in Venezuela called “The Destruction of Petroleos de Venezuela”. Dr. Brossard wrote a book about Intevep, the technology and development institute that has been essentialy destroyed by current Government.