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Institutional Military Front criticizes Chavez’ Government on war in Iraq

March 22, 2003

Go figure, the Frente Institucional Militar, an anti-Chavez Group composed of retired military came out today criticizing the Chavez administration for not coming out openly agaisnt the Iraqi war……Weird and inconsistent…..


Chavistas break up opposition demonstration

March 22, 2003

Today the opposition had planned a rally in Caricuao, in the West of Caracas to celebrate the success of “The Firmazo” in areas considered to be hardcore pro-Chavez, but where the number of signatures in favor of the recall referendum was over 70% of the population. However as seen in the picture below, violent Chavez’ supporters showed up using guns, tear gas and covering their faces, forcing the event to be cancelled under the  indifferent watch of the police from the Libertador District whose Mayor is a close Chavez supporter. The violent Chavistas lit fires and used motorcycles, guns and fireworks to scare people away and stop them from attending the rally. This is the concept of democracy that these people support.

Chavez Deputy on the Chavez Government

March 22, 2003

Chavez’ MVR Deputy Luigi D’angelo had harsh words on the Chavez Government today (El Nacional, A-5, no link possible), something very rare in Chavez Stalinist-style MVR party. He said:

“The way it is going, I can’t believe in this process. The Government and the leaders of MVR are taking us to a precipice. They led us to the oil strike which destroyed the economy. Tell me a Minister of the Interior that was worth it. What does Lucas Rincon know about public order? Do you remember the Ministers of the Interior of AD, like Luis Pinerua?. Those were good.”

About the Bolivarian circles he said: “They are just beggars, they just want to get something. They don’t defend the Government (??) I was always against that. When they said they were going to have a dual function, political and social, it did not convince me. It is either one thing or the other”

D’Angelo closed by reiterating he is a Marxist and wants to fight from within, I just wonder whether they will let him…..

Americans Protest, Iraqis celebrate

March 22, 2003

From The Politburo, via Instapundit: Definitely worlds apart

(By the way check out the story on how the author of The politburo is banned from North Korea, cute!)