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Live from Baghdad, Salam your friendly blogger

March 13, 2003

I have been reading Baghdad blogger Salam for a few weeks and should let everyone know about his blog Where is Raed?, where he gives us a day by day account of what is going on there. Fascinating to see all of the preprations both official and unofficial for the war. I certainly don’t envy him, even with our problems we appear to be much better off. It is very interesting to “feel” how normal everyday life still is over there. I am certain that if the war erupts (and it appears inevitable) that this blog might give us better information than CNN.

How stupid can people be?

March 13, 2003

Some jerk contacts opposition leader Timoteo Zambrano and asks him to check on the health and whereabouts of Chavez’ ex-wife Marisabel de Chavez claiming they have not heard from her for four days and fearing for her safety. Zambrano stupidly checks with the Red Cross and before the news is barely out, the former First Lady shows uup buying shoes in a Barquisimeto shopping mall. How stupid can people be?

North Korea’s communist look and feel

March 13, 2003

Pretty amazing how North Korea’s official website has a communist “look and feel” about it