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Stupid charges by Chavez’ Deputies, stupid questions by me….

March 11, 2003

Deputies of Chavez’ MVR party will ask the attorney General tomorrow to order the arrest of the opposition Mayors of Chacao and the Metropolitan District, as well as the Heads of the respective police forces. The charge? Not obeying the order to capture oil leader Juan Fernandez last Saturday during the opposition rally and helping to hide him because they were present at the rally. They also said that they will press the Attorney General for the liberation of the gunmen caught on video shooting at the peaceful march last April 11th. who are “unjustly” being held. I love justice in the Vth. Republic! They, of course, make no mention of the fact that the “Intelligence” police has been incapable of capturing even one of the union leaders that have outstanding orders for their detention. Or how about the “investigators” that have not even looked for the additional shooters of Altamira Square on Dec. 6th.? Or the ones that are looking into the torture and death of three soldiers and two of their girlfriends after being kidnapped from Altamira Square, but have yet to visit the square? Or the fact that a well-known militant of Chavez’ MVR showed up with an armed group to “rescue” the only survivor from that massacre and when arrested was himslef “rescued” by his wife MVR violent leader Lina Ron? Just some innocent questions on my part….

Venezuela challenges US to provide evidence of link to terrorism

March 11, 2003

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Roy Chaderton, challenged the US Government today to provide evidence of the charges made by Gen. James Hill that Venezuela is now part of the arab terrorist network and that part of the financing is being done through our country. The charges were made by the General at a Conference in Miami two weeks ago, as reported here. The island of Margarita was explicitly mentioned by the General. Separately, MVR (Chave’z party) Deputy Tarek Saab, who is of Arab ancestry, also rejected the accusations today.

What puzzles me is why it took them two weeks to respond to Gen. Hill’s accusations and it is not a coincidence that the two replied the same day. This seems to be part of a new campaign by Chavez and his collaborators to distance themselves from terrorism, even if they refuse to call the FARC terrorist, but the trail is long and I hope the US Government responds…..

Are Chavez and Fidel communists?

March 11, 2003

Interesting article from Val Dorta’s website on whether Chavez is or not a communist. I definitely agree on Chavez and have said it here in my website, but was surprised by Val’s quote of Gabriel Garcia Marquez a close friend of Fidel Castro:

“Fidel is not a communist, he is a typical Latin American dictator who has conveniently chosen to wear a communist mantle.”

A similar point about Chavez is made by Francisco Toro of Caracas Chronicles in the first of his five not-so-easy pieces. Francisco can definetly write up a storm, check it out!

Chavez’ terrorist friends by Thor Harvolssen

March 11, 2003

Via Instapundit I learn of Thor Harvolssen’s good article in the magazine The Weekly Standard on Hugo Chavez and his friends in the terrorist world, he forgot Carlos The Jackal, but nobody is perfect…… Coincidentally, today’s New York Times has an article on that magazine and it quotes the Editor of The Nation saying that The Weekly Standard may be “the most influential publication in America”. At least we know the right people will be reading Thor’s thoughts on Chavez.

A deep belief in democracy

March 11, 2003

Iris Varela, a Deputy from Chavez’ MVR party, demonstrated her deep belief in democracy on Sunday during the President’s weekly program when she suggested the meetings of the National Assembly be moved to the barrios, such as Caracas neighborhood “23 de Enero” so they coudl approve laws without the “hindrance” of the opposition. Such a pretty revolution!

Doublespeak or Triplespeak?

March 11, 2003

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister said yesterday that “Venezuela will not qualify the Colombian guerrilla as terrorists as that would be getting involved in Colmbian affairs”. The Colombian Government has asked the Venezuelan one to do this.

Is this doublespeak or it reaches triplespeak?