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Caracas Chronicles on excellence and Government

March 27, 2003

Very good article by Francisco Toro about a seminar he went to where everyone grasped the basics of the country’s wealth and corruption…..except the anti-corruption Head of the National Assembly. For some reason I can’t link to the story itself, I get the previous one. I love its main point, that excellence has no power in Venezuela. In fact, from day one I mistrusted Chavez precisely because of the fact that he was surrounded by anything but excellence in every field.

Salam Pax on NBC news tonight

March 27, 2003

NBC Nightly news talks about blogging tonight, shows Salam’s screen and talks to a reporter that is searching for Salam Pax. I would prefer if he waited for the whole thing to be over with, for Salam’s sake. Here is the link to NBC with a list of warblogs, but the story is not the one they talked about on the new tonight, in which Salam was mentioned.

Most stupid revolutionary idea so far

March 27, 2003


The Chavez administration has issued a decree which changes the Columbus Day holiday, called in Spanish “Race Day” or Dia de la Raza, on October 12th. to “Day of Indigenous Resistance”. Now, this has got to be one of the stupidest idea of this incompetent and inefficient Government. As Forrest Gump used to say: “Stupid is, stupid does”. First of all, October 12th. commemorates Columbus’ arrival to America, as far as any historian has been able to determine, no Indian attempted to resist, resisted or said he would resist Columbus and his companions on that Oct. 12th. or any other October 12th. , so replacing one holiday for another is truly stupid. If anything, as suggested by a local historian, it could be called “Surprise or Amazement Day” because that was the main effect that October 12th. of 1942 on the indigenous population of San Salvador, which by the way never fought or attempted to fight the invaders? If the Government wanted to celebrate something, they could have picked a day that was a symbol of “indigenous resistance’ if such a historic day could be pinpointed. After all, the Caribes, Caribs or Arawaks were not precisely known for the art of war, were quiet peaceful and were obliterated quite rapidly by the conquistadors. So it will be difficult to teach to young people what this resistance was all about. Thus, once again the Chavez Government wastes its time in meaningless revolutionary imagery of no consequence, but what else is new. Perhaps, the words of Teodoro Petkoff in his daily Tal Cual Editorial playing on the name “Dia de la Raza” saying “Dia de la Risa” or laughing day, saying:


“For years we have been hearing the falsely heroic speeches, having to hear a false epical rhetoric, behind which there is nothing. One hears the flaming verb of Chavez and would believe that he is in one of the Yenan caves, directing like a resuscitated Mao, the epic of the Great March or transmutated into a Cronstand sailor, taking by assault the Winter Palace of Saint Petersburg, if not, dirty and with a beard, overlooking from the Andean peaks the displacement of the semi-naked men of Bolivar in the plains. But it happens that the man is speaking from a sugar processing plant, paralyzed by official neglect and from which the diligent bureaucrats of the Vth. Republic have stolen even the nails. Full of hot air. While the corners of Caracas are full of Warao Indian mothers, carrying their children, begging, Aristobulo (the Minisiter of Education) issues a decree that gives them no bread, no roof, no jobs, but the pathetic consolation that October 12th. will be the day of indigenous resistance. All hot air, empty words, useless rhetoric. Bullshitting”