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MVR deputy criticizes attacking Iraq

March 18, 2003

No sooner had I written last night at the silence on the part of Chavez, his Government and his supporters on the issue of Iraq, that an MVR Deputy raised his voice. Today, Tarek William Saab, a Deputy from Chavez’ MVR of arab origin said he would propose a resolution to back the efforts of the United Nations to promote peace and punish war. Still a mild-sounding resolution, as it does not include the usual condemnation of the evil US Government, but I guess they could not contain themselves anyway.

Pictures by Carlos Ernesto Figuera

March 18, 2003

Carlos Ernesto Figuera discovered my blog recently and has many good pictures of the last few months. I initially thought I would insert them according to chronology, but will just add them at the end describing what they are. Above, From December 7th. in Altamira, the day after the assasination, flowers on the ground where on of three persons was killed. Some things should never be forgotten. More pictures by Carlos Ernesto inside.