Morals and Lights by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

March 23, 2006

Morals and
by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

In the
revolution of upright men, the pot of corruption took its lid off

The septic
tank is overflowing and is running over. The corruption scandals follow each
other in a manner that is unstoppable. Of course, you would have to recognize
that for any reason that may be and no matter what the power game that you may
guess is behind the accusations and investigations of corruption cases, the
truth is that at least in the case of the sugar plant in Sabaneta and Justice
Luis Velasquez Alvaray the bull has been handled by the horns and there has
been action against those presumed to be involved in the corruption.  For now…However, we can’t but point out that
these cases were know long ago and for electoral reasons, that is, for a
political variation of corruption, they were only uncovered once the elections
were over with. Thus, until wee see the corresponding penal sanctions we can
not be sure that what has been taking place up to now was not a show, also with
electoral purposes, to simulate a “war against corruption”, but more of the
declaration and spectacle type than real

to the report attributed to the Inspector General of the Armed Forces, already
on January 5th. 200h, the Chief of State had been informed by
General Delfin Gomez Parra of the administrative irregularities taking place in
the sugar plant. Nevertheless a year went by before the case was made public
and the former Minister revealed with candor that he had done nothing because
“it was not convenient to do it before the elections”

By the
way, Albarrran (the Minister) is going around like a lost soul begging for
access to the state media sources-which is a saying, they belong to the
party-to explain himself and in all of them they don’t allow him even to go
enter. Now we are seeing how the sector that backs Nicolas Maduro has proposed
the bizarre idea of creating in the National Assembly a “Comp trolling
committee” that would control the Comptrolling Committee against corruption
that heads Pedro Carreño, whose apparent diligence appears
to worry the warriors against corruption because it could air too many dirty
rags. It is thus obvious those with what they have taken the lid off, some
think it is already sufficient and that the “war” needs to have the limit of
the conveniences of the party and the Government.

In the
same way, the case of Justice Velásquez Alvaray (or should
we already say former Justice?) we knew about this in Tal Cual since last
October and obviously they let it run for alter the elections.

 In any case, the
accusations of Jesse Chacon (The Minister of the Interior), which ratify what
we said in this daily-without the numerical precision of the Minister-, take
the lid off a sewer whose rugged paths, if they were followed in depth, could
produce more than one surprise, given the ample ties who had-or had-the named
Justice in the highest circles of power.

To top it all off, the ineffable Comptroller of the Republic
has given us a “lesson in ethics” that joined with the foolish acts of the
Prosecutor in the Anderson case, leaves in a very bad place a power that it is
ironically named the Republican Moral Council, of which one of its members, the
Comptroller, never appeared to learn about what was happening under his nose.
Perhaps because he was too busy trying to float the truth about the Sierra Nevada case (A corruption case in the ‘70s)


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