So you understand it by Oscar Garcia Mendoza

March 23, 2006

Oscar Garcia Mendoza, President of Banco Venezolano de Credito, is always criticized for his dire forecasts, but he his predictions have been uncanningly on the money in the last two decades. His bank is the only commercial bank in Venezuela that refuses to buy Government paper. They may be losing money today with this policy (or making less), but in the long run it will pay off for them. This article was written for Correo del Caroni.

So you understand it
by Oscar Garcia Mendoza in Correo
del Caroni

collapse of Viaduct #1 is the real, physical evidence of what this regime is.
It is the authentic proof of how those that hold power in Venezuela are
finishing it off.

continue not understanding this. The reasons may be many and it is useless to analyze
it. But it is worth using this physical and thus evident destruction for
demonstration purposes.

Viaduct collapsed and we can all see it. We know it happened due to the chaotic
management of the Government. And we also know that there many more areas, I am
cutting myself short: in all of the areas where by the action or inaction of
the Government is physically destroying the country. But these sectors are not
as evident.

It is happening
with health, with education, with oil, with infrastructure, with public
finances, with agriculture, with everything with which the ominous hand of the
Government has something to do with. They cover everything up with lies and
disinformation. But the terrible consequences are there and we will all suffer

hospitals that are now in chaos, soon they will be like Viaduct 1. The schools
and colleges, which are in chaos, soon will be like Viaduct #1. Pdvsa, which is
a chaos, will soon be like Viaduct #1. The roads, bridges, highways etc. which
are in chaos will soon be like Viaduct #1. Public Finances where corruption and
chaos rule, will soon be like Viaduct #1. The agricultural areas which the demagogical
policies are destroying will soon be like Viaduct #1.

These have
been years of destruction and corruption. There are some that don’t want to see
it. Open your eyes, your ears, clear your senses. The suffering, that mary are
subject to today, will be multiplied in the future. It hurts and maybe it is
cruel to say it, but that is the way it is.

There are
some who benefit. In this dance of ignorance and bad management, Government
officials and “clever” entrepreneurs and bankers take advantage of
circumstances and get rich harming the totality of the population. They are the
usual collaborators. They are there for all to see. .

It is time
to change this. Venezuela
has no time, nor do Venezuelans.

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