Huge crowd at Rosales’ rally: Tough act to follow!

November 25, 2006

Impressive rally today with thousands and thousands showing up to express their support for the unity candidate Manuel Rosales. Unbelievable crowd, some suggesting it was the biggest rally ever in the country’s history, Rosales gave a good speech, even if he is not the best speaker in the world and people were moved.

Thus, a very remarkable and important poll today, the once passive opposition has been revived by their maracucho candidate who has done an excellent job mobilizing the opposition. What is most interesting about this to me is that I contend that abstention will be the decisive factor on Dec. 3d. and the rally today shows the opposition is now truly enthusiastic, which was not the case months ago. I don’t believe you can say the same about the pro-Chavez voters, who are tired and are still waiting for the revolution to deliver, as the poor attendance at pro-Chavez’ rallies show. Will they come out on Sunday Dec. 3d. to vote? That is the question today, as it is very clear the opposition voters will certainly come out en force to back Rosales.

Tough act to follow by Chavez in his final campaign rally tomorrow, the highway in which Rosales held his today is much wider than where Chavez will hold his final rally tomorrow. But in the end it will be the vote Dec. 3d. that tells us the true story.

For pictures, go see the beautiful and very impressive one Alek placed in his post on the rally, video here, as well as the very complete set he has here. Daniel has promised some pictures sometime soon.


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