Rosales closes campaign with the mother of all avalanches for all Venezuelans

November 25, 2006

Today will be the the “mother of all avalanches” as Rosales closes the campaign. I will be unable to post pictures, so I recommend you visit vcrisis and Daniel’s blog for good pictures of the event. As I write this people are already gathering for the “avalancha tricolor” which is the formal name of the rally in reference to the three colors of the flag and to contrast it wit Chavez’ single “Rojo, rojito” color, which he means to represent only that part of society that backs him.

As I write this, there are reports that some of Rosales’ supporters have troubles getting to Caracas as buses of supporters (Yes, the oppo also brings people in, but not in the magnitude that Chavez does) are being detained and stopped by the authorities along the Caracas-Valencia and Caracas-Guarenas highways. You have to wonder why a Government that claims to be democratic and way ahead in the polls does this. It is simply stupid as stories like this will help make sure that all of the relatives of those in the buses tell their story and end up voting for Rosales if they are undecided. But autocrats and people who have gotten used to abuse of power and fascist tendencies, don’t think about that, they really believe that they can scare people away. One day people will have their day in Court and it will not be pretty. These are the same people that did not allow the rally to take place in a location that will show better the size of the rally and would have closed Rosales’ campaign in Caracas near the poorer neighborhoods.

Today should be a calm day, nobody can expect any form of violence in the face of the huge crowd that will show up in Caracas. Hopefully, the rally will tip a few more votes Rosales’ way and will encourage some to go and vote. As I write this, I receive a report from a good pollster that Rosales improved his standing from Nov. 3d. to Nov. 17th. Add a bit of Chavista abstention, two more weeks of campaigning and maybe that seemed impossible a month ago will indeed happen on Dec. 3d. and the rule of law and respect for all in Venezuela will become a reality on Dec. 4th.

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