Electoral jitters hit the Government. What gives?

November 30, 2006

Strange happenings all over the place as the Government seems to be stirring the pot unnecessarily:

–Yesterday, Minister of Defense Baduell suggested that people organize themselves for the audits by “designate representatives”. Well, these people have a strange sense of the law means, the law clearly states that the audits will be “open to the public” not to the people “designated by the public” as the General wants. Yes, there may be physical limitations to the number of people that may fit at a polling center, bt until that is exceeded everytime has the right to be there and participate and his suggestion is unnecessary. This is the second statement discouraging people from attending the audits, a right all citizens, no matter who they vote for have. Before it was the President of the Electoral Board itself, suggesting people go and cast their ballot and then go home to await the announcement of the results.

–Then there was Chavez saying that the Government stopped a plot against Rosales’ life that not even the opposition candidate knew about. As usual, he mentioned a weapon, but nobody has been detained, nobody has been identified, so that this seems to be like those attempts on his life that never produced even one person charged with attempting against his life. Rosales commented that “the Government candidate does not get wrinkles in his face to say lies and he says them with an incredible calmness”

–Separately, Rosales’ campaign office in the Montalban section of Caracas was raided by policemen looking for evidence of a destabilizing plan. In one very curious interpretation of the action, the head of security for the Mayor of Caracas, says there was no raid, since there is no order to carry out a raid. So the policemen the reporters saw and asked questions of were apparently phantoms who just wanted to browse through that office.

–Meanwhile the Vice-President outclassed himself in what are probably his last statements of the campaign when he said that opposition candidate Manuel Rosales represented “treason, perversion and calling him a political illiterate”. Always leave to the cynical and machiavellic Vice-President to inject that special touch of class to all discussions.

–I get a phone call from a friend asking for help with an international observer who has not been allowed to talk to anyone outside of officialdom, has no Internet and is looking for a balanced view on electoral conditions.

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