Support Rosales does not want

November 30, 2006

Not much time to post, but had to wonder and worry about Presidential candidate Jesus Caldera Infante declining his candidacy in favor of Rosales. So far I have been unable to find any evidence that Rosales looked for or accepted his support, but if I were Rosales I would simply reject it, saying: “Thanks, but no thanks”.

You see, as has been documented in this blog Caldera Infante admitted in front of the National Assembly that he had misused Government planes, was one of the most draconian executioners of the Chavez/Maisanta/Tascon list at Fogade, firing more than 150 employees of that Government institution and was investigated for corruption, but never charged by his Chavista friends, only to resurface as Secretary Genera of the Governor of Carabobo.

Men like these should be the first ones to be prosecuted if Rosales won the election. Thus, the opposition candidate should distance himself from this man

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