Hugo Chavez, ETA and the FARC

March 15, 2010

Today, Judge Eloy Velasco, from the Spanish Audiencia Nacional, the same one that ordered the detention of Pinochet, ordered the detention of 12 presumed members of Basque terrorist organization ETA and Colombian terrorist organization FARC. Among them is Arturo Cubillas Fontan, who is in charge of the Security Department of the Venezuelan Land Ministry, a Ministry presided until very recently by Venezuela’ current Vice-President Elias Jaua. Curiously, Spanish newspaper ABC also presented today an accusation that another member of ETA, Jose Antonio Egido works for the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, showing that Chavez’ support and collaboration with ETA is more than just coincidental.

Because the accusation against Cubillas is quite clear: He is being accused of training FARC guerillas with explosives. Such training took place in the border between Colombia and Venezuela and Cubillas showed up accompanied by at least one Venezuelan military officer AND in a Venezuelan military vehicle.

Of course, the reaction by Chavez’ Government, the same one that investigates the slightest whisper by someone from the opposition on TV which could be construed as conspiring against the Government, wraps itself around the Venezuelan flag, cries sovereignty issues, but fails to look into the accusation, calling it garbage and the like. Recall the same thing happened with another “friendly” Government in the case of the Maletagate affair, where not one of those involved was ever investigated in Venezuela, despite clear proof that it went all the way to the top.

And as events develop, we get visits from the usual PDF’s, scandalized that we could possibly believe these accusations from the Spanish Court, as if it did not have a track record that proves the accusations.

Because while it may be now that a Court of the world does not need to suck up to Chavez, his cronies and his wealth, anyone reading the many Venezuelan blogs does not need the Audiencia Nacional’s help to know that Chavez was and is in cahoots with the ETA and the FARC.

The FARC in particular has an ample and proven track record with Hugo Chavez. And while I will become repetitive, because this same evidence has been used before, I would like to show all of this evidence in its splendor

For example, wasn’t it Hugo Chavez that said that the FARC were not terrorists, but armies that needed to be recognized?

And not once, but twice:

And wasn’t it Chavez that asked for a minute of silence on National TV in memory of Raul Reyes, the same terrorist who visited the Miraflores Presidential Palace (Chavez later claimed he did this at the request of Colombia’s President Pastrana, who denied it) for reasons never revealed, meeting with Venezuela’s Vice-President?

And how about Chavez’ buddy Piedad Cordoba with Reyes in a video that some claim was partly taped in Venezuela, here defended by Chavez:

Or how about this professionally taped video on the death of FARC terrorist Marulanda, which was apparently made by Chavez’ international propaganda TV station Telesur:

Or how about the Venezuelan Minister telling the FARC  whom he called “comrades” and who was told by the guerrilla member “We are moving forward”, Chacin agreeing with her.

Need I show more? How many pictures of FARC leader Ivan Marquez at the Presidential Palace can you find in the Internet? Should we believe Chavez, his cronies or the same Audiencia Nacional that has gone after terrorists, Pinochet and acted against them?

Of course, it may have to go after Chavez in the end. Is that what he is afraid of?

19 Responses to “Hugo Chavez, ETA and the FARC”

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  4. Roberto Says:

    Dear God:

    You need to do the job right, you gave me five numbers, but no Powerball for the grand prize. Please provide soonest, as I need the money.

    Depending on your position on the temperature gradient, it can be seen as cooling or warming.

    Since you are the universe, and it could be posited that the average temp of the Universe is 0 Kelvin, it is warming that you are seeing.

    You’re welcome.

  5. rwg Says:

    The right punishment for Chavez is to take away his identity, wealth, clothes, and power. Surgically close his mouth shut first so he couldn’t talk (Chavez is a coward and does not have huevos). Then force him to live as a common Venezuelan in a tough barrio without electricity, without water, without health care, without decent food, without decent housing, without a job, without free TV, internet, or newpapers, without hope, surrounded by criminals and corrupt police, and most of all, be completely censored in who or what he could criticize.

  6. Angel Gabriel Says:

    I wouldn’t shoot him first, that would be too fast.

    I would take off each finger of his hands and them hang him by one foot in front of a TV with ALO Presidente show non stop, until he dies

  7. God Says:

    Try 4-7-14-24-38

    I can never get the second number right, but one day I will

    I am more worried about global warming, os it it cooling?

    Never get that one right either

  8. Roberto N Says:

    Ok, let me try something else.

    God, winning Lotto combo for tomorrow?

  9. An Interested Observer Says:

    Gringo, it was sarcasm meeting sarcasm. (I guess I should have added my own smiley.) Evidence is unfair for him, but he’ll happily accuse people of things he invented and expect it to stick. As well as ignore solid evidence by attempting to shoot the messenger.

    And your standard is unreasonable, anyway. Two whole minutes? He’s not even responsible for the first half of the sentence he hasn’t even finished. Probably can’t remember it, anyway, since he doesn’t seem to think before he talks.

  10. Mary Says:

    I’m with Jesus. Aim for the nuts first.

  11. Holy Spirit Says:

    You Guys are so violent. Wait till Mom hears you talking like that.

  12. Jesus Says:

    But aim for the nuts first. He should suffer before We send him to hell to make Hitler company.

  13. God Says:

    Go forward!

  14. Roberto Says:

    Yes, Speed, we are waiting for a signal from God before we proceed.

    We’ll let you know when that happens.

  15. speed Gibson Says:

    sooo….exactly what are you people waiting on? a sign from god? shoot this goofy asshole and get on with it……jeez louise

  16. Gringo Says:

    AIO: did you not see the smiley face? “Not fair” in the sense that from Thugo’s viewpoint, evidence for what he has said constitutes what he has said in the last two minutes, or what he wants you believe about what he said, not what he actually said. Evidence is unfair for Thugo.

  17. An Interested Observer Says:

    Why is that not fair, Gringo? That’s nearly all he ever does.

    Any PSF (PDF? That one’s new to me, Miguel) who wants to complain about sovereignty can start by explaining why Chavez arguing anything on behalf of the FARC is not injerencia in Cuban affairs. If you can’t, then you have no case about Spain.

  18. Gringo Says:

    Trivia note here. While the FARCer “Timochenko” took the name of a World War 2 Soviet general,Semyon Timoshenko, there was another Timoshenko who fled the Russian Revolution. Stephen Timoshenko (1878-1972) is considered by many to be the father of modern engineering mechanics. His books are still widely used in the field. (I checked a univ library: high proportion of his books are checked out.)

    Miguel: not fair to show Thugo talking. 🙂

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