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Tibisay Lucena: A lowlife of the Chavista revolution

April 1, 2013


It is really difficult not to get upset watching the lady above, Electoral Board President Tibisay Lucena, come on TV and with that impish grin begin pontificating to the parties and to the candidates to follow the rules and not violate them during the upcoming campaign.

Of course, Lucena said nothing about the military plan to help Chavismo’ party PSUV to get the vote out, which was leaked to candidate Capriles by the same military. She also selectively forgot to talk about the obligatory nationwide addresses by interim-President Maduro to the country during the last two weeks, which are certainly going to continue in the next two weeks. For God’s sake, she event talks about limitations in the number of text messages candidates can send, while the TV station of the “people” campaigns for Maduro 24×7.

And then she calls for “respect”. The same woman (she ain’t no lady in my book) who allowed so many violations of the same rules. Who has introduced rules into the electoral process to intimidate and delay and who time after time never dared fine Hugo Chávez (and now Maduro) for the continuous violations of the electoral rules.

This is the same self-proclaimed “impartial” President of the Electoral Board who showed up at Chávez funeral wearing an armband celebrating Chávez 1992 coup. She is not only partial, she is also indecent and abusive. As simple as that. lucena2

I don’t know if Chavismo will ever be unseated in my lifetime, but I do hope that if it ever happens, cynical human rights abusers like Tibisay Lucena are punished in some way. Something simple, something revolutionary and socialist, something she cares about, like suspending her upcoming pension for a job not done. Or having to chat every day with Cilia Flores for the rest of her life.

Lucena is one of those lowlifes of the revolution who backed into her position, lives splendidly off it and regularly abuses her power violating the rights of most Venezuelans, including those Chavistas who truly believe that if they don’t vote for Chavismo, lowlife Lucena will have her in one of her fascists lists.

And on April 15th. Jimmy Carter or one of his acolytes  will come out and say what a wonderful job she did. I hope the election is really close, only to see Tibisay sweat and manipulate. I wonder if she will burn the Electoral Board papers. I am sure she will try.