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Crass Ignorance And Naiveté From Venezuelan Government Officials

April 26, 2013


It is starting to get spooky listening to Government officials as to how problems will be solvedor how clever they are about knowing what Capriles is doing. The question is whether this is crass ignorance or naiveté. Do they really think people are that stupid? Maybe they are, but…

-Take President Maduro´s statement yesterday in Zulia:

“We will facilitate the requirements so that Venezuelans can bring their foreign currency from abroad and invest in a national savings fund in dollars. This fund will invest in the priorities established by the Government”

Wow! I really don’t even know how to begin to dissect this statement. Why would Venezuelans want to bring their foreign currency back? Who will manage the fund? What are those priorities? Will it be a socialist fund? Where will the custody be? What is the management fee? How many dollars do you think will come back to this fund Nicolas? How will you guarantee that these dollars are not converted to Bolívars?

But the real question is: Nicolás, do you think there is a single Venezuelan who will actually bring back one hundred bucks for this?


-Then, there is Jesse Chacón, the new Minister for Electric Energy who gave himself (?) an ultimatum:

“If in one hundred days I have not managed to stabilize the electric system, Iresign and give way to a Venezuelan that can do a better job”

Well Jesse, you should have given the address for people to apply to replace you by sending their CV.

Because Jesse, you were in the Cabinet in 2006, when the Government created “Mision Revolucion Energetica”. You were also in the Cabinet in 2007 when the Government issued the “Organic Bill for the reorganization of the Electric sector”. You were about to leave the Cabinet in 2009, when the Ministry of Electric Energy was created. I know, you were no longer part of the Cabinet in 2010 when Chávez decreed “National State of Emergency of  electric matters on and the creation of the Electricity Chiefs of Staff”. Sounds a lot like what you are saying today.

And now you want to do the same thing that was not done in seven years in 100 days? Let me give you a tip: In 2006-2007 there was money to invest and you are telling us Merentes is looking for money for you. Hope he finds it, hope he gives it to you too.

Dream on!

BTW Jesse, have you noticed the light bulbs you want to force people to to use cost ten times more than regular ones? Just a thought.

-And then there is the new Minister of the Interior and Justice, holding a press conference telling us that as Head of the intelligence police, he knew that Capriles was not going to recognize the election.

What is most remarkable about this, is that in his own words, the intelligence plan was called “Connection April”, like in April election,  which in October, November and December detected this outrageous plan by Capriles not to recognize the election.

Definitely very interesting. In particular, I would like to ask The former Head of Sebin: Exactly how did you know that Chávez would die in March, leading to elections in April?

Just a thought…

Why not May, or February, or July for that matter? I guess your SEBIN was both an intelligence and fortune telling unit.

BTW did you tell Maduro you knew all this? It could have helped him, you know?

Just wondering.