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Chavez Seems To Be Appearing Everywhere

April 5, 2013


There is a second report of Chavez appearing in the form of an animal, as Bloomberg reports that the horse Revolutionary seen above winning the Louisiana Derby, may be the reincarnation of the Venezuelan President. The horse has raced three times, always ridden by a Venezuelan jockey (two different ones) and is one of the early favorites to win the Kentucky Derby.

In contrast with Maduro’s bird, which could have been born after March 5th., Revolutionary is a three year old horse and was actually winning races before the demise of the Venezuelan President, so that it is difficult to ascribe it as much veracity as to Maduro’s more realistic and believable apparition.

Of course, I am not that knowledgeable in terms of how this after life stuff works and whether the body and spirit are born at the same time or the spirit can pick and choose an already existing body to be carried in. But in any case, Revolutionary won its first two races before March 5th., so it seems as if Hugo may only have helped in the last race.

Fortunately, the horse will play no role on the election, as the Kentucky Derby takes place on May 4th. after the Venezuelan Presidential election.