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Fascism Is, Parliamentary Fascism Does, In Venezuela

April 30, 2013



Tonight seven Deputies, including a female, were injured in Venezuela’s National Assembly. One is hospitalized. While this happened, the President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello smiled. Funny thing is, only opposition Deputies were injured. They were not allowed to speak in the Assembly. They were told, they would not be allowed to speak in the Assembly where they are the legal and elected representatives of the “people”. Except for Chavismo, the “people” are only those aligned with them. Here is the video:

This is the outright fascism that Diosdado Cabello has been promoting in the National Assembly since Chavez died. Diosdado thinks Chavez should have named him. Instead he named whimpy Nicolas. Maduro may say what he wants, but it is his fascist hordes that are acting and he clearly can not control them. Diosdado is undermining Maduro by being very radical, while he just watches. Diosdado is claiming the ground of the radicals, because he knows Maduro is unsure of himself. Thus, Maduro may not want this to repeat, but he either stops it or he sinks under then wave of fascism of his buddies. Maduro’s peaceful overtures to Capriles of the day before, were erased by Diosdado in a few minutes today.

Facism is, Fascism does.