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What Capriles Wants From The CNE

April 24, 2013

In this video, Roberto Picón, in charge of the technical challenge to the vote, explains what it is the Capriles command wants from the CNE to do the complete and real audit and cross correlation of all the information on April 14th. .

He says:

We don’t need the automated part, the ballots, the tallies, the tallies of the audit and the totals. Those are automatically produced. Thus, they will coincide with the CD, except for the variations in the tallies.

But we also need:

-Complete access to the voting notebooks.

Capriles wants to know who voted, if dead people voted, if people with the same name voted, we want to know if the same person signed that they voted or used the same fingerprint.

Capriles also wants to know the cases in which the fingerprint machine was activated by a fingerprint that did not match. Is this random or is this in particular poll stations?

Capriles wants to know what happens when the 1.5 million people who did not have fingerprints in the system voted. Was this randomly distributed or not? Did they go against Capriles?

Capriles wants to know if each fingerprint is compared to all the 15 million voters. Did people vote more than once? This comparison has to start now.

Capriles wants to know: When there is a match, what is the maximum tolerance of the system? If there is no match, the machine should shut down after 7 tries. When this happens, CNE has to liberate the machine. How many times did this happen? Was the password used systematically? Was this random, sequential?

Finally, Capriles wants it certified that this happened at the time of the vote and it was not altered afterwards. This can be done securely. There is a digital certificate for this.

We believe, said Picón, that people that should not have voted, voted and Capriles would have won without them. Thus, we are asking for all of this information.

That is what Caprilesis asking for in a “true” audit of April 14th. .

Chavismo Evolves Into Madurismo-Fascismo

April 24, 2013

Its been an amazing week. Seeing Chavismo change to Madurism, the same s.. with a much higher dose of fascism in which threatening the other almost half (Or is it half ?) of Venezuela is fair game.

Like the sweet Minister of Housing who said he would personally fire anyone who supports Capriles, never mind human rights, never mind the Constitution, never mind a Bill that was issued by the now extinct Chavismo that says you can’t fire anyone: Here is sweet Richard in person and live:

And this is but one attempt within the Government to create a new Tascon List (The old one is still in use believe it or not) In Tachra, Nueva esparat and Apure, Government workers have been fired this week for voting for Capriles.

And in Barquisimeto, Victor Zambrano’s son happened to be among the close to 70 students jailed for protesting the need for a recount. These students were forced to wear hats with the name of Chavez’ PSUV part and forced to jump like frogs on the ground praising Maduro. Those that refused, suffered severe wounds to their buttocks and backs.

And here is sweet Minister of Prisons Iris Varela, another fascistoid personality, telling Capriles not to worry that she has reserved a jail cell for him and to please stop using drugs. Definitely a worthwhile reason to hold a press conference and to have the station of the other half of Venezuelans cover it live:

Then there is the Minister of Information Villegas, who not only keeps insisting that the opposition damaged Health centers, despite no evidence that this was so. And this nouveau-facsist Goebbelesque figure not only continues saying this, but keeps attacking Venezuela’s most reputable Human Rigths Organization, Provea, over the subject. Provea said it would accept the opportunity to respond, but Villegas will certainly not give them the chance. Sounds like recounts under Madurismo. (At least the People’s Ombudsman recognized that one center burned down last December)

And there are many similar reports, like fascist signs in hospitals that opposition “squalids” will “dissappear” and Governor Falcón is receiving death threats against him and his family.

And, of course, just in, Venezuela’s Parliament, composed oly of those that recognize Maduro’s win, will investigate Capriles’ role in creating violence in order to “charge him”

Sweet Madurismo all around.