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Did Someone In Maduro’s Team Really Write The “Economic Atomic Bomb” Document

April 10, 2013


Today everyone is talking about this document that Spain’s ABC newspaper wrote about in which reportedly a Communist Deputy that supports Chavismo wrote this highly critical article about the way the Venezuelan economy has been managed and proposes solutions to avoid what it calls “an economic atomic bomb”, which “has practically exploded”.

While I am sure the document is real and written by someone on the Chavista camp, I doubt very much that this person exerts any sort of influence over the Chavista leadership. Clearly, the author is well versed on economic matters, providing a good diagnoses of the situation, except that I don’t think the Chavista leadership would consider that this atomic bomb is already exploding. If that were the case, then all of the polls that have been telling us that Maduro is likely to win are all wrong and we would see some sort of desperation on Maduro’s part. (Although today’s attack  by Maduro on pro-Chavismo Ultima Noticias was certainly peculiar)

But beyond that, the document seems to be inconsistent with the trends one sees in Chavismo under Maduro. Yes, Giordani seems to be on the way out, but it does not look, like the document suggests like Ramirez will give up any part of what is under his control. Nor do I believe that Ramirez or Maduro will like an “opening” to the Venezuelan bourgeois or “selective opening to foreign investment”.

Thus, I think this document comes from a Chavista economist, an idealist, who mixes up religion and state, who really believes the whole model is wrong, but who I think has little weight under a possible Maduro Government.