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Chavismo Decides No Recount, Even Before Evidence Is Presented

April 17, 2013


So, after a brief hesitation by Impostor-President Maduro the first day, in which in his moment of euphoria (followed yesterday by near hysteria, according to the New York Times) told he had won the election, he said naively: Let’s count the votes.

But no more.

It was a lapsus brutis

Ever since that moment, every statement has been exactly the opposite,  starting with former President of the Electoral Board (VP of the country later (impartial, ja,ja), Mayor now) Jorge Rodriguez who immediately following Maduro’s victory speech denied the possibility of a a recount, as accepted by Maduro, and requested by challenger Henrique Capriles.

And since then, Chavismo has denied the possibility of a recount, even without having seen the evidence that Capriles and his command said they had and actually presented in full today. (Because the March Nazi Maduro prohibited us from going with Capriles)

Thus, the President of the Electoral Board, Tibisay Lucena, a woman as partisan as can be, not only denied what is a legal right, but went as far as suggesting this was no longer part of the legal framework.

And as the military has been pressuring Maduro to allow a recount, the Impostor-President had none other than the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, Luisa Estela Morales, issue her already formed opinion, once again without the legal arguments being presented at the time in her Court.

But you know Luisa Estela, twice removed for corruption, she wants to hang on for her sweet retirement.

When a Judge expresses an opinion without having heard the case, she has to recuse herself from it, but such niceties and civilized actions, do not exist in the Chavista Judiciary, who judged Afuini guilty, because Chavez asked them to. Evidence is a four letter x 2  word for Chavismo.

But the Head of the Supreme Court is so ignorant and incompetent, that she not only forgets the law about challenges to election results, but forgets her own Court’s decision, in which she was involved, fining an opposition electoral coordinator for destroying the same, supposedly useless ballots, from the opposition primary in February 2012.

Why is it a crime to destroy ballots for six months after the vote counting, if they can’t be used for anything Luisa Estela?

Is that agricultural law logic?

But you can’t ask a movement with the ideological consistency of tapioca (natilla) to have any legal consistency, when all they do is twist, spindle and mutilate the law at will, any time they want to or feel like it.

And without going into the details of the law, what it says is that if you present a challenge, then the if there are differences between the number of voters, the voting notebooks and the ballots, then the process can be voided and, if material, the voting where the irregularity occurred has to be redone.

Luisa Estela, can you explain why the ballots are mentioned?

And the moment I heard Jorge Rodriguez say there would be no counting of the ballots on Sunday, I knew where things were going. If there is someone sneaky, devilish, Machiavellic  and without scruples in Chavismo, Jorge Rodriguez has to be it.  That is why Chávez liked him so much. And Tibisay’s visits to his old digs in “La Corniche” in Altamira in secret are legendary, were duly noted by bodyguards and chauffers and the word was passed along.

And we have yet to mention the rush to proclaim Maduro. In October, Chávez was proclaimed three days after he was elected on October 10th.. In this case, they had this huge rush to do it the next day, before most international “seers” left on Tuesday.

Because there are no international observers used in Venezuela only “seers“. What is normal and an international standard elsewhere, is considered a threat to our sovereignty by Chavismo.

Of course, Chavismo sent international observers to all buddy-buddy countries where an election has taken place, including Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Belaruss and none other than Mexico, where curiously, Chavez called for a recount, not once, but twice, whether it was a close election against Calderón, or a literal whipping of Lopez Obrador by Peña Nieto.

But again, don’t ask for consistency from Chavismo, they are not very good at it. Least of all under Impostor-President Maduro, who seems so uninformed and clueless that he said his heart could be studied with telescopes.

And despite his performance on Sunday’s election, Nicolas still wants to be Chávez’ son, imitating him, acting like him, trying to be him, a task for which he has significant limitations.

Thus, when Nicolas said today he would abide by what the Electoral Board decided on the recount, nobody believed him. Nico, you ain’t Hugo.

The result on Sunday, even if he wins by 10,000 votes, shows that his credibility has been undermined from the day Chávez named him his successor. And trying to overrun the opposition with fascism and lies, is only likely to undermine his credibility even more.

And Maduro’s stance may radicalize his supporters, but he lost the election with those that were not radically pro-Chávez who refused to vote for the opposition, but guess what? They did not stay home, but many chose instead to go vote for Capriles.

I wonder what those who stayed home are thinking now?