Chavismo Decides No Recount, Even Before Evidence Is Presented

April 17, 2013


So, after a brief hesitation by Impostor-President Maduro the first day, in which in his moment of euphoria (followed yesterday by near hysteria, according to the New York Times) told he had won the election, he said naively: Let’s count the votes.

But no more.

It was a lapsus brutis

Ever since that moment, every statement has been exactly the opposite,  starting with former President of the Electoral Board (VP of the country later (impartial, ja,ja), Mayor now) Jorge Rodriguez who immediately following Maduro’s victory speech denied the possibility of a a recount, as accepted by Maduro, and requested by challenger Henrique Capriles.

And since then, Chavismo has denied the possibility of a recount, even without having seen the evidence that Capriles and his command said they had and actually presented in full today. (Because the March Nazi Maduro prohibited us from going with Capriles)

Thus, the President of the Electoral Board, Tibisay Lucena, a woman as partisan as can be, not only denied what is a legal right, but went as far as suggesting this was no longer part of the legal framework.

And as the military has been pressuring Maduro to allow a recount, the Impostor-President had none other than the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, Luisa Estela Morales, issue her already formed opinion, once again without the legal arguments being presented at the time in her Court.

But you know Luisa Estela, twice removed for corruption, she wants to hang on for her sweet retirement.

When a Judge expresses an opinion without having heard the case, she has to recuse herself from it, but such niceties and civilized actions, do not exist in the Chavista Judiciary, who judged Afuini guilty, because Chavez asked them to. Evidence is a four letter x 2  word for Chavismo.

But the Head of the Supreme Court is so ignorant and incompetent, that she not only forgets the law about challenges to election results, but forgets her own Court’s decision, in which she was involved, fining an opposition electoral coordinator for destroying the same, supposedly useless ballots, from the opposition primary in February 2012.

Why is it a crime to destroy ballots for six months after the vote counting, if they can’t be used for anything Luisa Estela?

Is that agricultural law logic?

But you can’t ask a movement with the ideological consistency of tapioca (natilla) to have any legal consistency, when all they do is twist, spindle and mutilate the law at will, any time they want to or feel like it.

And without going into the details of the law, what it says is that if you present a challenge, then the if there are differences between the number of voters, the voting notebooks and the ballots, then the process can be voided and, if material, the voting where the irregularity occurred has to be redone.

Luisa Estela, can you explain why the ballots are mentioned?

And the moment I heard Jorge Rodriguez say there would be no counting of the ballots on Sunday, I knew where things were going. If there is someone sneaky, devilish, Machiavellic  and without scruples in Chavismo, Jorge Rodriguez has to be it.  That is why Chávez liked him so much. And Tibisay’s visits to his old digs in “La Corniche” in Altamira in secret are legendary, were duly noted by bodyguards and chauffers and the word was passed along.

And we have yet to mention the rush to proclaim Maduro. In October, Chávez was proclaimed three days after he was elected on October 10th.. In this case, they had this huge rush to do it the next day, before most international “seers” left on Tuesday.

Because there are no international observers used in Venezuela only “seers“. What is normal and an international standard elsewhere, is considered a threat to our sovereignty by Chavismo.

Of course, Chavismo sent international observers to all buddy-buddy countries where an election has taken place, including Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Belaruss and none other than Mexico, where curiously, Chavez called for a recount, not once, but twice, whether it was a close election against Calderón, or a literal whipping of Lopez Obrador by Peña Nieto.

But again, don’t ask for consistency from Chavismo, they are not very good at it. Least of all under Impostor-President Maduro, who seems so uninformed and clueless that he said his heart could be studied with telescopes.

And despite his performance on Sunday’s election, Nicolas still wants to be Chávez’ son, imitating him, acting like him, trying to be him, a task for which he has significant limitations.

Thus, when Nicolas said today he would abide by what the Electoral Board decided on the recount, nobody believed him. Nico, you ain’t Hugo.

The result on Sunday, even if he wins by 10,000 votes, shows that his credibility has been undermined from the day Chávez named him his successor. And trying to overrun the opposition with fascism and lies, is only likely to undermine his credibility even more.

And Maduro’s stance may radicalize his supporters, but he lost the election with those that were not radically pro-Chávez who refused to vote for the opposition, but guess what? They did not stay home, but many chose instead to go vote for Capriles.

I wonder what those who stayed home are thinking now?

65 Responses to “Chavismo Decides No Recount, Even Before Evidence Is Presented”

  1. moses Says:

    Watch this post at Venezuela Chronicles !

    ralx says:
    April 19, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Interesting news that seems to support the idea that Captahuellas allow to vote anyone without a real verification (

    And my comments:

    ” In both cases the vote was allowed at a late hour (5:50 pm in the Youtube video, and 5:00 pm in the article in El Nacional, were it was verified by Unasur braziian representatives in Santa Rosa de Lima school, in Baruta.

    The fingerprint machines may have an algorithm that after certain hour (4:30 pm, for ex.) any person that puts his finger is allowed to vote, in his way the government can bring late voters and they can vote for other people who have not voted . . .

    Of course, this can be done only in voting stations that do not have witnesses from the Capriles side. Maybe this is the reason why witnesses form Capriles were forced out of several voting stations. “

  2. Gordo Says:


  3. Gordo Says:

    At this point, it appears to me to be a matter of how things appear to the international audience. Chavismo has substantial control over what the domestic audience sees over the nearly exclusive government controlled airways. On the other hand, there is another issue that still hasn’t been addressed. Namely, the debacle of the Chavismo economy. In that regard, the international audience remains confused, believing that Chavismo has reduced poverty and so forth. With the international attention on Chavismo, it is probably an opportune time to set the message straight that the Venezuelan poor are not doing so great… contrary to Chavismo rhetoric.

  4. The market knows beforehand.

    The market in Venezuela (that other rate) is staying steady at 23.

    So, nothing is going to change in Venezuela in the foreseeable future.

  5. syd Says:

    Por favor, Miguel, haz otro post, que la foto de este me enferma.

  6. Gordo Says:

    I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED! President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, Luisa Estela Morales is proclaiming that there is no constitutional basis for a recount ? LEY ORGANICA DE PROCESOS ELECTORALES is law, is it not?

    Artículo 219. Se declarará la nulidad de las actas de escrutinio en los siguientes
    1. Cuando en dicha acta, existan diferencias entre el número de votantes
    según conste en el cuaderno de votación, el número de boletas
    consignadas y el números de votos asignados en las actas, incluyendo
    válidos y nulos, o entre las informaciones contenidas en el Acta de Cierre
    de proceso y el Acta de Escrutinios.
    2. Cuando en dicha acta el número de votantes según conste en el cuaderno
    de votación, el número de boletas consignadas o el número de votos
    asignados en las actas, incluyendo válidos y nulos, sea mayor al número de
    electores y electoras de la Mesa Electoral, con derecho a votar en la
    elección correspondiente.


    • moctavio Says:

      just because Chavez named her to be President of the Supreme court, does not mean she knows the Law. Dont be so naive, Nicolas sent her to say that, because the military are pressuring for a recount.

      And he will go to Unasur and say there will be a recount and later he will say: “Shucks, the CNE rejected it, and I wanted it so badly!”

  7. Mick Says:

    Just curious, was the certificate Maduro was holding declaring him president also signed by St Hugo?

  8. concerned Says:

    comments are posting out of order.

  9. concerned Says:

    The only part of that puzzle that is needed at this point is the support of the military to replace the rest. The government is rotten to the core, with no ethics, morals or even a shred of democracy left. If the military has sworn to protect and uphold the constitution and chooses not to now, there is no hope for Venezuela. At this point they are not supporting Capriles, they should be defending the constitution.

  10. island canuck Says:

    Chavistas burn down the offices of the PSUV in Barcelona

  11. Gordo Says:

    I think leaking videos, photos, documents t the world press to expose Chavismo to the world is an excellent idea!

  12. BTW can anyone comment on Jorge Rodriguez’s video supposedly debunking Caprile’s claims? I just want to know if anyone has already gone to the trouble of separating fact from fiction. I trust that guy as far as I can throw him with one arm and weakened by malaria.

  13. The market knows beforehand.

    The maket in Venezuela (that other rate) is staying steady at 23.

    So, nothing is going to change in Venezuela in the foreseeable future.

    • jc Says:

      What the blogs and media are missing is that mostly things are going normally in Venezuela, the opposition is compiling something to send to the CNE, the CNE will reject it after months, there may be a minor vote adjustment. It’s all the spectacle and unfortunately we’re in the bubble.

  14. VT Says:

    Miguel, can you please clarify on the military pressuring Maduro to allow a recount? Read Generals detained because they objected to the regime’s plans.

    • moctavio Says:

      I am told that there is a sector of the military pressuring him. Eleven were jailed. Two Generals. Some not jailed are not happy.

  15. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    For Venezuela, “situation normal, all ****** ** screwed up.

  16. […] opposition was given no chance to present evidence And as the military has been pressuring Maduro to allow a recount, the Impostor-President had none […]

  17. jau Says:

    My trust is in Maduro, Diosdado and Co incompetence and idiocy. These guys will fall sooner than later, mark my words. They do not have the political capital to make ANY changes that affect the population. None. And changes need to be done. People will revolt and the military will have to come in and take over. After that, who knows what is going to happen, hopefully the “generals” do not take charge but the guys further down, and hopefully they call elections so Capriles can win, he deserves it!

    To think that Chavistas planned on giving power through a democratic process is so naive that it is irresponsible. These guys will go down by plomo. Sooner than later.

    • concerned Says:

      Why wait till later? You will never have another line drawn in the sand, smack in the face of democracy, or unified opposition and chavista support than you have right now. That “we’ll get them next time” complacency is why it has escalated to where it is now. Chavismo is unmasked, and if the economy and quality of life is not bad enough now to force a change, I don’t want to be here when it does get “bad enough”.

  18. Mick Says:

    Now they have really backed themselves into a corner and will never give in. Caprilles can only fight with political posturing. I believe he has done a good job of this and has forced them to do things that they will pay for later. Unfortunately, the reckoning will not be very soon. It is going to get even darker before the sun comes up.

  19. Tiro Loco McGraw Says:

    When the MUD held their primaries, did they use machines as in the presidential election?

    • moctavio Says:

      No, just paper ballots and actas

      • Tiro Loco McGraw Says:

        Well there you have it. MUD couldn’t destroy the paper ballots because that WAS the vote. For the machines though, “Los votos son datos registrados en la memoria de la máquina y los comprobantes cumplen el rol de recibo”. (Tibisay Lucena, 15/4/2013)

  20. Tomate Says:

    The one big question is where does the opposition go from here. Will Capriles keep the pressure and risk becoming Venezuela’s Mandela? Very difficult situation for opposition leaders.

  21. Virginia Laffitte Says:

    ““Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something.” Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945);

    32nd U.S. President

    Venezuela has been through enough! Many more of the people have, at last, opened their eyes. A recount is a must!! There must be a way, somehow, through the League of Nations, International Courts..SOME HOW, SOME WAY! Six years under Cuban rule, for that’s what is will surely be,  Venezuela id finished.


  22. Bruni Says:

    Miguel, right after my comment, I read on twitter the CNE is blocking the access from outside. I just tried with a venezuelan proxy and it is true, no way to get in directly, I got in with a proxy. The picture in my blog

  23. firepigette Says:

    I wish people would stop comparing Maduro with Chavez,because when they do it often makes Chavez look good, and if we are honest it was Chavez who brought most of this horrific situation on to begin with.

    Chavez was not good, and we need to make it absolutely clear.He was a schmuck who died rich while millions live in poverty.

    I know this is not the intention but unconsciously it has an effect.

    • Ronaldo Says:

      You are very correct. I hear “Maduro is no Chavez” constantly. They are both thieves. Chavez divided the nation with hatred and controlled everything. Maduro thinks he has all of Chavez’ powers but he is ignorant and incompetent. It shows. Maduro was chosen for his loyalty but when the boss is dead loyalty is worthless.

    • concerned Says:

      When Capriles was asked by CNN whether he would prefer chavez or maduro, he replied as diplomatically as possible that at least chavez was a leader. He didn’t say that chavez was leading the country in the right direction, and everyone knows that chavez received marching orders from cuba just as maduro is now.

      It would be a choice of the lesser of two evils. Like having the choice between lethal injection or electrocution. The end result is the same, but one may be slightly less painful.

      There are also a large number of ex-chavistas that are supporting Capriles, and whether right or wrong they still have respect for who they thought chavez was. Not kicking a dead corpse is just another value that separates the opposition and chavismo.

      • firepigette Says:

        Honesty is always best in the long run even though we might see short term gains from dishonesty.

        Some corpses need to be kicked from now to dooms day for the greater good of humanity.

        • It doesn’t serve any purpose to do so right now. Besides, in the long term if a Capriles administration comes in and rights the ship leading to prosperity, eventually people will compare and say: Wow Chavez really sucked!

        • concerned Says:

          If ever one needed to be kicked 🙂

          I personally like the approach that Capriles took during his campaign to target maduro more so than chavez. Everyone in the opposition knows what chavez has done, and there is no need to convince them. The approach to not alienate chavista swing votes was needed, as well as supporting the message that only through unity can Venezuela progress. The ones who “loved” chavez will probably always love chavez, but forced with a possible future with maduro many supported Capriles. Capriles didn’t sugar coat chavez, but you have to respect his popularity with el pueblo.

          History will tell what kind of man he was, and history is written by the victors. One step at a time.

  24. Bruni Says:

    Miguel, the title of your post got me confused.I know the CNE is probably going to refuse the recount, but from what I read yesterday, Tibisay Lucena received the complaints and said they were going to reach a decision as soon as possible.

    Is that still the case or did I miss some event yesterday?

  25. Will W Says:

    It appears that Cabello is positioning himself to be the winner here. That idiot Maduro is temporary and I am not sure of whether Capriles will eventually triumph in his quest for justice. Venezuela has had no effective judiciary for years.

  26. cpc Says:

    Why would chavismo deny a recount even if they (as well as the MUD) know Maduro won the vote count? Are they afraid to loose if they allow the recount? Not at all! Remember, it was Maduro (the stupid one) who first said they would go ahead with the recount, and immediately thereafter, Rodriguez and Cabello (the evil smart ones) said they would not.
    So far, they have plenty of evidence to prove to outside observers, diplomats, OAS, the military and non radical opponents that they actually won. And that is all they need. What they are doing is provoking the opposition, generating violence, and we are playing their game! In the end, Maduro may well end up as the victim and Capriles as the villain. Remember April 2002?

    • concerned Says:

      “What they are doing is provoking the opposition, generating violence,”

      That is the only true statement in your post.

      Chavismo winning the vote, having proof that they won the vote and the mud knows it, and that the opposition is playing their game is total BS.

      Pull your head from your ass.

    • moctavio Says:

      cpc: Of course they dont want a recount because they know they will lose, isn’t that obvious?

      • Virginia Says:

        VERY!! Very obvious! Maduro & Co did not win the Presidency, the’ve taken it! Why are there NO powers that be, intermediaries who can
        demand the recount regardless of the Chavista’s totally illegal ways??

    • Gordo Says:

      The economy! That’s why! If they can get a civil war started, they can blame that for the economic problems.

  27. bobthebuilder Says:

    This election was always going to be stolen in some way: whether it be the use of state resources, media or personnel. Or stealing the vote on the day. In the end they’ve had to use them all which is credit to Hcr and his team.

    Maduro has shown he is weak, indecisive, and cuban led but ultimately prepared to act out the role of a dictator. What next for the opposition?

    • Virginia Says:

      The puppet under Cuba. Que horror!!

    • Olivier de Jong Says:

      It looks dark. Spoke today with an Iranian opositor. What happened there is happening here and they lost. Even with protests.

      To break the chavista stronghold we must cause a divide within chavismo and between chavismo and the army. That is the ONLY way

    • Olivier de Jong Says:

      So instead of discussing vote counts, we should be doing other stuff..

  28. Dr. Faustus Says:

    “”Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Macbeth Quote (Act V, Scene V).”

    Maduro’s appearance on the world stage on Friday, just as Macbeth’s strutting player, should ‘signify nothing.’ Show him to be an idiot. Show him to be a fraud. Documents concerning the illegalities perpetrated on Sunday should be distributed to the world press gathered on Friday for his so-called inauguration. Make the case. Show the discordant numbers. The time is now.

    • Virginia Says:

      Just do it!! It MUST be done!!
      Venezuela is finished unless someone steps up to the plate and does something.

  29. Frank Says:

    All very good. But does Capriles want to be the guy who led his people up the mountain and then led them down again? Where does he go from here?

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