Assembly President Denies Deputy Right To Speak Because He Does Not Recogize Maduro As President Without A Recount

April 16, 2013

The President of the Venezuelan National Assembly asked a Deputy from the opposition if he recognized the election of Nicolas Maduro on Sunday. The Deputy said no, he wants a recount first, so he was denied the right to speak.

Here is where he said he would do it to all opposition Deputies

Similarly, the impostor-President Maduro said today that he would not recognize opposition Governors that do not recognize him and will send no money to them, threatened opposition candidate Capriles with jail and banned his march to the Electoral Board tomorrow.

Democracy? Where?.

96 Responses to “Assembly President Denies Deputy Right To Speak Because He Does Not Recogize Maduro As President Without A Recount”

  1. Pablo Says:

    Chinchilla more Chavista bulshit:

  2. Pablo Says:

    Of course, women should be treated better

  3. Pablo Says:

    and more, you are just empty words

  4. Pablo Says:

    Chinchilla asshole, more opposition violence:

  5. m_astera Says:

    I think of the Peter Principle here, the idea that in a hierarchy a person will be promoted to the level at which they are incompetent. Maduro is an example of someone who has been promoted too far above their level of competency. His fate rests partly in the competency of those who are giving him instructions, but to a greater extent in his ability to carry out the instructions given.

    “I’m not going to give anyone any money unless they recognize me as president?” LOL. Pretty lame.

  6. M Rubio Says:

    Are there any laws allowing a recall of the Venezuelan president? If so, I would recommend giving Maduro 6 – 12 months and then institute a recall. I believe enough signatures would be available and that he’d lose a recall vote badly. He’s a total disaster surrounded by total disasters and now everyone, including the Chavistas, know this.

    • moctavio Says:

      Only after the third year of his term, which if interpreted correctly, started running on Jan. 10th.

    • concerned Says:

      I believe the point that many are missing is not whether the votes were close and should be recounted, but that the WHOLE system being currently used in Venezuela, operated and manipulated by tibesay and company for a nominal fee is broken. If not reorganized and presided over by a neutral party, and policed to insure that all laws are followed before, during and after an election, it will not matter if you hold another election tomorrow, a year from now or three years from now. The result will be as dictated by the castros and these wanna be revolutionaries.

      There is no need now for a recount. Tibesay has said there will not be one, so on to part 2 which is to lay out the violations, declare fraud, nullify the votes associated with the violations, declare Capriles the winner and start locking up these corrupt SOB’s pretending to govern this country before they get more people killed. Tibesay can’t be the last word. Everyone has a boss, and she works for about 30 million Venezuelans.

  7. David Says:

    TAPAR EL SOL CON UN DEDO. YA VAN 14. LA PREGUNTA ES HASTA CUANDO?? Chavez estaba libre de cancer y podia correr para presidente el 7 de octubre cuando muy bien sabia que no iba llegar a la inauguracion. Hace falta una explicacion mas clara para entender el chavismo, es una enfermedad terminal que no reconoce que esta enferma. Capriles ha hecho un acto heroico en contra de esos que no juegan limpio, no aceptan reclamos cuando ellos muy bien saben que mandan a los malandros para tumbar los votos. Para cometer crimenes, para impulsar el narcotrafico. Que bueno que por fin les dijimos, no aceptamos la mentira y el atropello, no vamos a validar su mentira, no lo aceptamos.

  8. Carlos Says:

    Jaime Bayly habla del fraude en Venezuela del 14 de Abril.

  9. moctavio Says:

    Hope you are right, that would be the fastest way of ending Chavismo’s rule.

  10. Bruni Says:

    Cabello is showing his true fascist instincts. Today he removed any opposition member being in the directive of any committee. The idea is to deny the existence of the opposition while gaining points within the PSUV.

    He wants to be the President and he is seeking the opportunity to “pescar en río revuelto”.

    No wonder he was the first to deny the recount, after Maduro had publicly agreed to it.

    I expect that if the situation becomes unmanageable he’ll take over and implement a true military regime.

  11. m_astera Says:

    “Pathocracy is a disease of great social movements followed by entire societies, nations, and empires. In the course of human history, it has affected social, political, and religious movements as well as the accompanying ideologies and turned them into caricatures of themselves. This occurred as a result of the participation of pathological agents in a pathodynamically similar process. That explains why all the pathocracies of the world are, and have been, so similar in their essential properties.

    “The actions of [pathocracy] affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every town, business, and institution. The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country creating a new class within that nation. This privileged class [of pathocrats] feels permanently threatened by the others, i.e. by the majority of normal people. Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man.” [Andrew M. Lobaczewski Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes]

  12. This is a presentation (in spanish) that shows some disturbing data on the difference of results between the 1st. announcement and the 2nd. one.

    • LD Says:

      I only look the first 4 minutes, but that is not right. (I don’t say there was not fraud, I refer to this point here) You can have very dissimilar proportions at different times. For example, the first votes will probably come from cities, with well organized support, and in cities the opposition is in advantage. The latest results are probably from rural if not very distant places, where organization is poor and also chavistas are in advantage. Similar effects seen in other countries. So, this is not a “statistical proof”, somebody could take a closer look of course as it looks suspicious, maybe is something wrong, but it could have a normal explanation.

    • LD Says:

      And wait for the very last results, they come from abroad, and are in the order of 80-90% , this time for Capriles…

      • moctavio Says:

        I agree, in fact, the last results from Venezuela come from the most rural and far areas of Venezuela where Chavismo wins by such margins. More important are the inconsistencies in totals that have been found, as well as in some centers. All being presented at this minute to CNE, even if they will deny the request.

    • The problem, as the guy says on the video, is that the disproportion is maintained all across the receiving left data, regardless of the state. And states are diffreent, they don’t have exactly the very same conditions so as for them to behave exactly the same, and always in favor of the very same candidate. This is also why the “hot audit” is done to the 54% of the “mesas”, because it is presumed that the other 46% behaves, in general terms, similarly. Also, take into consideration that the time the data arrives has nothing to do with the location (with the exception of the “inhospitable lands”, that has not been added yet), the arriving of the data is determined by the closing of the center. What this means, is that there are a number of centers where A.- the data was altered, or B.- centers remained open after hours and votes were disproportionally added to Maduro. What the video wants to show is 1.- that, ceteris paribus, the people of those centers didn’t behave the same way the +98% of the people of their state did, which is strange in and on itself, and 2.- that if the CNE was able to manipulate the data of that -2%, then it is capable of altering the data of any given %.

      • LD Says:

        It looks suspicious, but you need more than that to say that *is* fraud.
        -Where are the “mesas” that open on time and where open late?
        -Are there places where electors stay until late because there are full?
        -Are there places with less than maximal electors? Will they close sooner?
        It is perfectly possible that you get a subsample with other outcomes. And it happens on other countries too. This is not proof.
        And I’m for a total recount.

  13. concerned Says:

    A full audit or recount has never been part of the equation for chavismo. They have had it easy in past elections, but were not expecting the opposition to protect the vote as well as they did or capture all of the data of the violations. It wasn’t easy, but they were able to modify the numbers just enough to eliminate the addition of foreign votes from the official count, widening the gap.

    Somebody didn’t let maduro in on the plan, and he foolishly agreed to count every vote as requested before he was told to shut up and only say what he is told to say. Tibesay had to work overtime illegally blocking the audit request instead of asking for one as cne president. She quickly took off to cash her checks while there was still money in the accounts to cover them.

    Chavismo will not allow an audit as it will expose the manipulation and maduro’s loss. With his loss, there is prison time waiting for most within the false revolution, and they know possibly more than most the condition of the prisons in Venezuela. This is clear, and it would be foolish to think otherwise. But, you have to go through the formal process that Capriles is following to legally overturn the election, using the data that they have in their possession. That would be enough in most countries in the free world, but once again as in years past, it is like david and goliath to fight legally against such a corrupt regime who have total control of Venezuela’s legal system, the purse strings and current control of the military. But as in david and goliath, sometimes the little guy wins.

    Nobody, except possible cabello, wants to see Venezuelans fighting Venezuelans, and I admire Capriles and the opposition camp for staying the course to resolve this legally and more importantly peacefully. That may not be enough in the end, and I believe that chavismo has underestimated the frustration and desire for change that the majority of Venezuelans are seeking. They are tired of the corruption, lies, extortion and oppression, but most of all they are tired of cuban interferrence and fidel’s desire to turn this beautiful country into an extension of communist cuba.

  14. More irregularities.

    According to the CNE website, in Carabobo, with a count of 99,96% of the “actas”, Maduro got 610,403 votes and Capriles got 595,089 (15,314 votes less).

    However, Scarano, San Diego’ mayor, says they have all the “actas” of Carabobo state, and that they show Capriles got over 80,000 more votes in that state (Carabobo) than Maduro.

    He also says they have reproted cases of military that just turned 18 years old voting and cases of people that were changed from voting center. The problem lies in that the CNE said they were going to use the same voting registry of october, so, no new voters were allowed, and no-one was supossed to have been changed from voting center.

    In view of this, he says that “This shows that it is also necessary to review the (voting) books to verify that the voters of 7-O are the same that excercised their (voting) right this 14-A” (“Esto muestra que también es necesario revisar los libros para verificar que los votantes del 7-O sean los mismos que ejercieron su derecho este 14–A”).

    He also wants to check on the time-stamp of both voting ballots and machines: “If at 6pm many empty voting centers were closed, why were machines activated, opened after that hour” (“Si a las 6 de la tarde se cerraron muchos centros de votación que estaban vacíos, por qué razón se activaron máquinas, se abrieron después de esta hora”).

    Full article in spanish:

  15. Mick Says:

    I don’t think they will allow a recount because it will show a lot of very illegal actions as well as a loss. Even in Venezuela, that will mean jail time for some very important people. They continue to find more corners to paint themselves into.

    Just imagine the treason Caprilles would find if he was able to investigate St. Hugo’s hospital records. The crooks are in too deep to back off now, even with the world watching.

  16. Hi, I’ve just published a novel based in Venezuela which tackles the issues of power and corruption under Chávez within the framework of a fictional story of arms and drug smuggling.

    Details at:

    Hope you like it.


    Benjamin James

  17. Tiro Loco McGraw Says:

    I don’t like to think this way, but I think it is inevitable; the election has been lost. We lost the moment the voting became close enough for the government to carry out all of their fraudulent measures and allow the CNE to call the race for Maduro. There is no recourse under the current climate/system to reverse what has happened.
    Capriles challenges and articulation of fraud (depending on how much can be proven) place him in a better position to garner additional support and hopefully eventually govern. However, that will be in the future, and will be dependent on the missteps and implosion of the current government.
    Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

  18. moctavio Says:

    of course he does not, PSF as usual

  19. Chinchilla Says:

    And of course, not a single word about the violence incited by the opposition and the killing f government supporters. One woman was even set ablaze. The race was tight indeed, but that does not make Maduro illegitimate. An audit of one of the most transparent electoral systems in the world examining 54% of their data was conducted, that is a higher percentage than in any other country with a similar system. Moreover, the hypocritical US again demands the impossible after themselves refusing to recount way tighter races. The revolution will live for now, it is the most radical sectors of the opposition causing the violence.

  20. captainccs Says:

    Maduro and Cabello and the rest of the gang can do any damn thing they want because Capriles blinked. Sorry guys but the fat lady just sang. Another 6 or 12 or 18 years of crap because there is no one willing to stand up to it.

  21. Carolina Says:

    Maduro’s attitude is backfiring?

    • Roy Says:

      Giving her cedula and telephone number at the end… Brave woman. She is deluded about Chavez, but clearly Maduro is not connecting with her.

  22. Alex Dalmady Says:

    Venny bonds selling off sharply. Saturday arrived for those who held on too long.

    • Roy Says:

      For sure, no one will issue more credit to Venezuela until this is resolved. I get a chuckle thinking about the Chinese worrying about all the deals they made.

      • concerned Says:

        And why china and russia will send a representative to the swearing in charade. What they should understand though is that their investments are safer in Capriles hands with “real” plans for industry growth.

  23. concerned Says:

    Critical is spreading the truth to the international community. For too many years the paid propaganda and lies have masked what is really going on here. Even after the press conference yesterday, and later the one on one interview with CNN, the CNN lead stories are still based on state news reports using biased and more often than not outright lies. If maduro is successful in portraying Capriles as the villan, and that the election was legit and “perfect” as tibesay kept saying over and over, nothing will be reversed. Up to now only paid or indebted countries have recognized maduro as president. If more reputable sources valid the election, it is game over. If it is clear that maduro will never be totally recognized due to the overwhelming evidence of fraud, internal pressure will mount for his removal so as not to keep the country in limbo through the economic collapse still to come. Without international pressure, a peaceful solution will not be found.

    It doesn’t help when events like North Korea on the edge, Margaret Thatcher funeral and most recently the Boston Marathon bombing take lead in the international press over Venezuela elections. Chavez can take credit for that as over the years the world has become immune to the Venezuelan daily circus.

  24. Noel Says:

    US first major country to officially reject results of Venezuelan presidential elections. Shame on Brazil, Argentina and the rest. Proud to be an American.

  25. Legally CNE has twenty days to decide. They will wait all twenty days to say no.

  26. island canuck Says:

    My solution for anyone who cares.

    First we allow the CNE to show their bias & refuse to count the votes in face of all the evidence provided by Capriles.

    Then we make a formal request that the Armed Forces take control of Miraflores for 7 days to 14 days to allow a recount under clean conditions. (I know that the armed forces are partially aligned with Maduro but I doubt at this point it runs very deep.)

    We then ask a citizens committee of people from both sides to oversee the recount & ledger checks. Perhaps 2 persons per voting center – 1 from each side. There should be no coordination between the counters to other voting centers.

    When the counts are done the results are published & the winner takes the throne.

    Those centers that had major problems should have a re-vote immediately with the AF assuring that witnesses are in place & no assisted voting is allowed.

    We could have this whole matter cleared up in about 10 days if everyone got off their asses.

  27. concerned Says:

    Anyone who remains “unconvinced” after the press conference and national assembly violence yesterday are either blind, dumb, or paid…and possibly all three.

    Within a few days, maduro will hang himself if given enough rope to follow the orders from cuba. He is already blabbing “radicalization” rhetoric, but needs a few more fabricated acts of violence. Hope there is enough rational support left in the military to stop it when the time comes.

  28. shrillary clinton Says:

    goodness……how boring the world would be without Venezuela and Argentina

  29. Pablo Says:

    Nobody asks: Why did Chavismo lose a million votes in six months?

    Three reasons:

    Chavez died


    Maduro is a joke

    • Ronaldo Says:

      Was it really a million vote difference or was the count wrong there also?
      The same unfair advantages were given to the incumbent both times. A recount in October would not have changed the results.

  30. moctavio Says:

    New York Times on Maduro :

    “Each time he angrily criticized Mr. Capriles, sometimes working himself into what seemed to be near hysteria, shouting until he was nearly out of breath, often stabbing his finger directly at the camera.”

  31. Charlie Says:

    Segun tengo entendido, las irregularidades fueron denunciadas, pero aun no se ha introducido la peticion para el reconteo de votos.

    • moctavio Says:

      Left today, can only see what I read and he said he had submitted it. As for the totals, he told CNE what his count was as well as Maduro.

  32. moctavio Says:

    Capriles aseguró que fue presentado ante el Consejo Nacional Electoral un gran número de incidencias que hicieron el proceso sospechoso.

    Indicó que el 14 de abril, hubo 535 máquinas dañadas y que de 283 centros, sus testigos fueron retirados a la fuerza, en algunos casos, con armas de fuego. “Se calcula que hay alrededor de 600 mil personas en el Registro Electoral que fallecieron”, dijo.

    Expresó que por eso solicita las auditorías, por las irregularidades denunciadas durante el proceso.”Hay 1176 centros de votación, donde el candidato Maduro, sacó más votos que el presidente Chávez. ¿Quién puede creer que en algún centro de votación Maduro hay sacado más votos que Chávez? ¿Quién se puede creer esto?”, dijo que eso solo se verifica con auditorías.

    Explicó que el domingo “hablamos de un proceso ajuastado, con una diferencia pequeña a nuestro favor, pero cuando vemos la magnitud de los electores que etán involucrados en las irregularidades podemos hablar de un resultado mayor que debe determinarse con el reconteo y la auditoria”.

  33. moctavio Says:

    Capriles submitted the “impugancion” to the CNE. What else do you need? I really dont understand, do you want a spreadsheet with the votes Capriles has? What would it tell you in the absence of actas where witness were removed forcibly?

    • OW Says:

      Miguel, the opposition has said it has numbers (Actas, yes?) that when added up show that Capriles got more votes than Maduro. They have to show that. Right now they are looking exactly like AMLO did in Mexico saying his total of the Actas had him winning but then he never produced it.

      • moctavio Says:

        Lets have a recount.

        • moctavio Says:

          No, that is not what was they said, they DONT have all the actas, because they were forcibly removed from centers, which is part of the request for the recount. Based on what they have and the distribution of what they have, it is too close to call and it is impossible for Maduro to have obtained what CNE says.

          And their number was given to CNE Sunday and Tuesday.

          • Alex (the other) Says:

            How can they say they won then? I suppose they have the numbers of most of the actas.

            • moctavio Says:

              They know where the missing actas are from and can calculate their impact. In fact, I am told from the rime they had 10% of the actas it was too close to call.

  34. Alex (the other) Says:

    Miguel, but I agree with people writing here that the opposition has to show the actas and the figures they have that make them winners. They have not mentioned this. All Capriles says is he won by a tiny margin. What is that margin? How many votes did each candidate obtain? Are those numbers the result of all actas of all the electoral centers, leaving none out?

    The opposition must give hard evidence for christ sake, for now their evidence it’s too subjective.

  35. moctavio Says:

    Capriles already requested a full vote by vote recount. Ball is in CNE court. They will deny, deny, deny.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      When will the Capriles camp finally show their hand? Tomorrow? Are they waiting for a formal statement from the CNE? Finally, do the psychotic ramblings of Nicolas Maduro today give an indication as to what is in store over the next few days? Panic among the ranks? They know what’s coming perhaps?

    • Charlie Says:

      I thought Capriles was not sending the request until tomorrow!

      • moctavio Says:

        He told the foreign press (according to what I read quoted below) that he already made a request for “impugnacion”

  36. moctavio Says:

    They have 90% of the Actas, CNE knows it, they are part of the recount request. What can they do with it? in the request, they point out the inconsistencies, but they will not reveal which ones they have. They are asking for a recount. the count shows Capriles ahead by 20k with international votes. In 286 centers opposition witnesses were forcibly removed.

    • OW Says:

      They won’t say what they have and publish it?!?!?! C’mon, that is just not serious.
      Anyways, looks like the PSUV will call their bluff and put all the Actas on the internet:

      Lets get all the Actas in the public sphere and then this can all be figured out by looking at numbers rather than accusations and counter accusations.

    • Pedro R. Says:

      Miguel, you say “they will not reveal which ones they have”. WHY? Why don’t they show the actas with the inconsistencies? I heard Capriles press conference and found it unconvincing. One can’t just ask for a recount, otherwise there would be a recount after every election. In the US there are rules, if the result is close enough -percentage wise- then an automatic recount kicks in, but in this case almost 2% points is not close enough.
      If the Capriles camp has evidence why hide it? It just does not make sense to me.

      • Ira Says:

        I don’t think there are any automatic recounts in the U.S. And any recounts are based on the individual STATE’S procedures since it’s their electoral votes that matter, and not done via any Federal guidelines.

        99% of the time, the winning candidate agrees to the recount, because it doesn’t say a lot for democracy and your “win” if you’re against a recount.

        Of course, that 1% can be a BITCH–like mini-Bush in Florida.

    • Charlie Says:

      This is the first time that I hear about Capriles being ahead by 20K with the international votes. All I had heard so far was the he indicated he had won, and from the look of most comments here I don’t think I was the only one.

  37. OW Says:

    Any word on what is going on with the Actas? When are they going to present them and give the total they’ve been claiming to have that shows Capriles winning? They gave lists of other supposed information today (though no details that I could see) so why can’t they give the Actas?

    • Pablo Says:

      Are you following the news? capriles told the CNE his results on Sunday and submitted the request for a recount with all evidence, including its count with the actas they have. But which actas he has will be left for later. There are HUGE inconssitencies in Actas, like Maduro getting 500% more votes than Chavez in certain places. All docmunted, including irregularities. Now the CNE has to decide, recuont or no recount.

  38. WTF Says:

    Just your neighborhood thug talking. Incredible that this is the President of the Country’s National Assembly

    • Virginia Says:

      They’ve gotten away with it for so long..It just is.
      Disgusting! These thugs don’t give a damn about their country and the people..Just like Hugo Chavez, they will all be lining their pockets until there’s NOTHING left to salvage.

      • deananash Says:

        And they will continue to get away with it until the ultimate price is paid…”Freedom isn’t free”. Venezuela gave hers away when it voted in the dictator back in ’98.

  39. Deanna Says:

    Do Maduro and Cabello have the right to take away the constitutional rights of opposition deputies and governors? Maduro says that he has the “pueblo” and the FANB behind him, but that’s only half of the population and probably half of the armed forces. Where are the few intelligent Chavistas in all this? Do they really think that Venezuela under the usurper and illegitimate president is a DEMOCRACY, as understood by the rest of the world? Are they all willing to be ruled by dictators?

    • Rocio Says:

      They do and have done whatever they want just like Chavez did. The world is finally understanding what is happening in Venezuela.

  40. moctavio Says:

    Te refieres a Diosaddo o Tibisay 🙂

  41. Lazarus Says:

    Recuerda con cuidado, cada cochino le llega su sabado

  42. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    What happens now? It seems unlikely to be pleasant, for anyone in Venezuela.

  43. m_astera Says:

    I like the term “imposter” but I like “pretender” even better.

  44. Carolina Says:

    Here is the video where he actually tells them all that will never have the right to speak until they recognize Maduro:

  45. alfredo Socorro Says:

    Now the plot thickens

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