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Electoral Board Says It Will Not Do A Complete Audit

April 27, 2013

As expected the partisan ladies of the Electoral Board announced tonight that there will be no complete audit of the 46% (which is not true either) of the votes, but a simple comparison of machines and votes. Capriles’ request for a complete audit centered on two things: The fingerprints and the notebooks, the CNE partisan ladies denied looking precisely at these aspects.

Funny that the notebooks are now discarded as evidence. The Venezuelan Supreme Court in this decision said clearly in 2012 that notebooks should not be destroyed because:

“cuadernos que representan la prueba fundamental de la legitimidad de los resultados obtenidos, además de ser el elemento más importante de cara a una revisión del proceso por parte de los candidatos”

“notebooks with represent the fundamental proof of the legitimacy of the results obtained, besides being the most important element in the face of a revision of the process on the part of the candidates”

which is precisely what Capriles’ Comando Simón Bolívar argued had to be compared and wanted to do.

In this video you can see the former Head of the CNE arguing the same line when the opposition candidates agreed to destroy the notebooks after the vote, in which Capriles almost doubled the next candidate:

Everything said by Lucena was manipulated. She said nothing about the duplicity of fingerprints test, for example. She said no proof of certain things happening, like witnesses being threatened, but videos were presented in which they are. She concentrated in the minor aspects of the request and not in the main argument of the request, the fingerprints and the notebooks. The main focus of the opposition in their request, double voting and usurping identities will not be able to be checked in this audit. She also lied saying this was contesting the election, this was not that, this was a legal request for an audit.

The duplicity of fingerprint file/test, was promised before the election, was requested after the election, was part of the audit request and Lucena said absolutely nothing about it tonight.

As I said the first day after the election, there will not be an audit/recount, because the fraud would be shown.

Who fears the truth?

Note: This is post 6,000, never thought this would take up so much of my life. Ironic what it is about.