Fascism Is, Parliamentary Fascism Does, In Venezuela

April 30, 2013



Tonight seven Deputies, including a female, were injured in Venezuela’s National Assembly. One is hospitalized. While this happened, the President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello smiled. Funny thing is, only opposition Deputies were injured. They were not allowed to speak in the Assembly. They were told, they would not be allowed to speak in the Assembly where they are the legal and elected representatives of the “people”. Except for Chavismo, the “people” are only those aligned with them. Here is the video:

This is the outright fascism that Diosdado Cabello has been promoting in the National Assembly since Chavez died. Diosdado thinks Chavez should have named him. Instead he named whimpy Nicolas. Maduro may say what he wants, but it is his fascist hordes that are acting and he clearly can not control them. Diosdado is undermining Maduro by being very radical, while he just watches. Diosdado is claiming the ground of the radicals, because he knows Maduro is unsure of himself. Thus, Maduro may not want this to repeat, but he either stops it or he sinks under then wave of fascism of his buddies. Maduro’s peaceful overtures to Capriles of the day before, were erased by Diosdado in a few minutes today.

Facism is, Fascism does.

33 Responses to “Fascism Is, Parliamentary Fascism Does, In Venezuela”

  1. […] attacking opposition deputies a few weeks ago on the floor of the National Assembly, some critics argued that he allowed the attack in order to embarrass and undermine […]

  2. […] birds and talking to  Chávez {video link included, insert "of Peru" added]. There is a post at the same blog about one of the incidents which might have precipitated this statement, see also commentary here. […]

  3. Jose Alberto Says:

    Donde estan los famosos militares que se revelarian cuando el proyecto revolucionario se descarrile? Queda algun militar q pueda tomar las armas y revelarse?, any clue about this? Yo los veo muy unidos, la tropa sigue leal, y la cupula militar enriqueciendose a lo lindo. Solo un golpe podra tumbar a este regimen. Capriles es el mejor contrincante y lider bajo un esquema democratico. Aqui no hay democracia. Se necesita de otro tipo de lider y otro tipo de solucion. Hay varios ejemplos en la historia.

  4. […] This is the outright fascism that Diosdado Cabello has been promoting in the National Assembly since…. […]

  5. concerned Says:

    Good post this morning on Gustavo Coronel about the cuban participation in the attack in the assembly.

    “Gordo matón de la Asamblea Nacional parece ser cubano!”

    Wearing the Venezuelan flag jackets no less. Is there any doubt remaining that this was not planned?

    • Aloyse Says:

      concerned:I agree the hideous attack in the assembly was obviously planned and also I have no doubt that we are a cuban colony with cuban enablers and thugs all around us.But in this specific case I think that our respected G.C.was sent a doubtful information.It seems (El Universal1-5-13)that the thug real name is Michel or Michael Reyes Argote PSUV deputy suplente for Aragua and not Michelle M Reyes.Still there is a tweeter account Michel_M Reyes to add to the confusion.Who knows?I hope someone confirms or infirms .

      • concerned Says:

        I guess you didn’t read the whole post with 2010 photos included. Names mean nothing. Photos on the other hand…

        • Aloyse Says:

          Wrong guess,you know, I did read the whole post and even pointed to Coronel some dissimilarities in the photographs like ears,difficult to change…In our days you now what could happen to photos.Anyway I am only expressing some doubts and asking for serious confirmation.I am ok if the guy is the same cuban but if not it will look bad on our credibility.Thanks anyway for your answer.

  6. megaescualidus Says:

    So, this may be Diosdado operating on his own in the National Assembly. But it is also a message from the Government to the opposition that they don’t give a damn about them, and about the little political footprint the Opposition thought they had in the Assembly. And the message is very clear: from now on every political instance (The Assembly, Governorships, etc.) will be 100% owned by the Government. Again, as I said above, Venezuela is now effectively a dictatorship

  7. Mitch Says:

    What a horror…..Not often does this brutality surface amongst persons who are supposed to guarantee the safety of the state and laws. Diosdado should be removed for hovering over this group like he was in a helicopter enjoying the wild animals over and African jungle.

  8. renevers Says:

    Why do you call it fascism? It is just normal communism..It is known that this variation in totalitarianism was even more deadly and incompetent in the past than its other socialism type variation. To use fascism is just a word of abuse, but it is wrong. Like this, now nobody knows what this system of Chavez represents.. This is what happens in COMMUNISTIC countries.. Read history about Leninism. This type of acting is normal for communists. If you can win the elections the normal way there is no need for, but power is morally as easy to grab with violence. Excesses in violence are normal in the minds of their leaders. The socialist cause, is what is interesting to them. That most people do reject them they see, as a matter that can be solved with more propaganda.
    Even dominating all but one TV stations in Venezuela, says what that means. Having the state and nationalized company funds, to pay for propaganda. And than loosing elections?

  9. Bolo Says:

    These Chavistas thugs have shown their true face, by beating up a woman elected by the people. Now just imagine if this had taken place in Colombia, when Uribe was President and a left-wing woman rep. had been beaten up. There would have been a huge world-wide left wing outrage. The hypocrisy of the left wing has no limits.

  10. m_astera Says:

    “This privileged class [of pathocrats] feels permanently threatened by the others, i.e. by the majority of normal people. Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man.” Andrew M. Lobaczewski

  11. […] This is the outright fascism that Diosdado Cabello has been promoting in the National Assembly since…. […]

  12. Bruni Says:

    I agree with you Miguel, this is Diosdado doing. He is imposing his law in the parlament so that the situation becomes impossible and Maduro gets outsted.

    This is much more complicated than when Chávez was alive.

  13. firepigette Says:

    Some people’ hit others’ verbally in an ugly and demeaning way ( even recurring to lies) when they encounter someone who disagrees with them, or when they do not like the other for some reason.

    It is only taking it one step further to slap and punch.

    Respect for differences and the willingness to stand up to those bullies who love to’ torture’ others for their own self centered reasons, has to be the basis of a civil society, otherwise chaos, and evil are the only results.

    As usual the BBC does not side with the democrats.It supports evil by pretending to be impartial while subtly supporting the gangster government.

    Where is the willingness to see the difference between good and bad with these people?

  14. Bill S. Says:

    The video got repeated play on ‘CNBC World’ TV, out of London on Wednesday morning.

  15. El Mismo Says:

    Avid follower to this great blog but not a consistent writer (replier…).

    As I believed I said and posted on the very late evening (early morning) of april14…this is the Beginning of the END….it’s not going to be easy but it’s just a matter of (a short) time.

    For good or for bad, the crazy dude on top (Chavez) was very clear on how much leadership and power he HAD and knew how to much he was capable to push the envelope…..this acolytes think they know where they are but have no clue they’re the laughing stock and they’re just starting feel they think that they’re no longer accountable for their actions. Before Chavez died, they had to cover their tracks just to be safe, today they really think nobody is taking TALLY!!!


  16. LuisF Says:

    Time for the opposition assemblyman to throw punches back. Where is Marquina when you need him. I want to hear MCM’s account of how she was kicked in the back while on the floor, cant imagine her ARRECHERA!…

  17. megaescualidus Says:

    The situation is now really spiraling down. If this isn’t a dictatorship, what is?

  18. concerned Says:

    Cabello acts as if he is above the law and untouchable.Typical schoolyard bully in need of an atitude adjustment. About time to open up a can of wuppass.

  19. deananash Says:

    The rest of this story only gets worse (and worse) until it ends. From there, it’ll be a long, hard slog back to the point of reasonableness (aka liberty.) Unfortunately, some times we actually do get what we deserve.

  20. moctavio Says:

    Tu de verdad crees que Diosado sta alineado cn Maduro?

    Ni de vaina, ya veras

    • Raymond Says:

      To me he might not be aligned with Diosdado, but both of them are playing to the tunes dictated from Cuba. I strongly believe this is setting the stage for the May 1st marches, and could generate a spark to ignite the Venezuelan Primavera. This would play into Maduro’s hands and give him the opportunity to set a military state and put his goons out on the streets.

      Let’s see the news tomorrow.

      • Patricia Sucre Says:

        This is already a cuban venezuelan military regime. Ministers, ports and airports, basic industries. Registries, inteligence, comunications, Cedulación. And the iligimate maduro is raul castro’ s puppet. And the goons are on the streets every day.j I do believe cabello is harming
        maduros intent to convince every one h e is legitimate, to no avail. Diosdado and pals have their own agenda. They can’t surrender power for they know they will go to jail for their crimes, and won’t be able to enjoy the millions of $$$$ they have stolen from venezuelans. Some could even face la Haya for violations of human rights.

  21. Octavio, after 14 years in government, and many others following Chavez ridership and sharing their political interest. Maduro y Diosdado have been together, both with a strong background as fascists/communists sharing the same objectives. As you can observe without many complications, the empirical evidence is overwhelming against your thesis that Diosdado is doing what it is unfavorable for Maduro. Up to know nothing tells us, except “chismes” that they both have different political interest, and because of that, they are engaged in some personal internal struggle, I think that is an urban legend. What rally counts is that for now they are united to defend their revolution and to continue in power. Other than that, is really nonsense and useless speculation. I thing it is “a perdedera de tiempo util” .

    • Virginia Says:


    • Humberto Says:

      No Alexander. Those two guys are not even close to getting along. What you are seeing is a major power-struggle that Diosdado will win. He is appealing to the military and those who believe there is a need for “strong-man” dictator.

      I think that when Maduro implodes, Diosdado will make his move. Chances are we are seeing a Venezuelan Pinochet in the making.

      • Span Ows Says:

        Wrong analogy, Pinochet took over after Chile became ‘Cubafied’, all the military, police, some unions etc were in favour of the coup. The situation in the Chavismo ranks and Venezuela is nothing like that at all. What you have is the extreme differences on the same side, like Stalin and Trotsky.

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