Venezuela; A rough day

September 24, 2002

Another rough day in Venezuela:

Press groups warn of verbal and physical attacks to reporters by President Chavez and his supporters.

-What is effectively an illegal demonstartion is called for Thursday afternoon  at 4PM by the opposition coordinating commission. (The Governor of the State says he will give permission to the demonstartion, but clearly this is somewhat gray given the decree issued by the Government a week earlier) 

S&P downgrades all Venezuelan debt a notch. This includes sovereign, private, banking and PDVSA’s debt as being downgraded.

US Ambassador to Venezuela says jokingly that the energy that runs the country is rumors not oil.

Lawyer denounces to the Attorney General the violation of Human Rights that took place when the National Guard attacked the demonstartion last Thursday.

Any good news? Yes, the price of oil went up.


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