An interesting comment from slashdot

January 14, 2003

From slashdot a comment that I find quite interesting:

Well, the world looks pretty grim all over today.

Instapundit linked this Venezuelan weblog. My favorite part is the pictures of demonstrators. I feel bad for these people, who are in a really bad situation. Still, while when I look at pictures of Iranian student protesters I’m astounded by their courage, here I can’t help but notice the pretty women, warm weather (I’m freezing my ass off here…) and the overall cheerfulness. Compared to the rage and fury you see on the faces of the professional protesters in the US, their smiles and warmth are striking.

Also funny is the page where pictures of anti-Chavez crowds are printed in the Cuban news as pro-Chavez marches.

It’s true, our marches are cheerful, full of women, young and old, people are mad, but they seem to have a conviction that they will win in the end. There is no hate, just outrage at the thought that we got to where we are because of a single person, Hugo Chavez. And he is right, the weather in Caracas is perfect all year round, that’s part of what we all love here, boring perfect weather.

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