Threat of violence keeps people at home

January 23, 2003

Eerie day today in Caracas, the Eastern part of the city has less traffic than on New Years day. All stores are closed, no cars, few people around. The reason: there was a pro-Chavez march today from three sections of the city, including a park in the Eastern part of Caracas. Between the  violence of the last few days, rumors and paranoia, people were just scared of even going out. Curiously, while Chavez invited his supporters to Caracas, the oposition held demostrations everywhere but in Caracas.

The Chavez march is big, but no bigger than the ones that the opposition holds regularly in Caracas. The difference is that Chavez has not only bused people from everywhere in the country (see picture below), but is also paying them and people saw all of the airplanes flown in with people to attend the march yesterday. Thus, there is no gas anywherein the country, but Chavez and his cronies find gas to bring people to the march from all states in Venezuela. The Ministry of Finance announces exchange controls and austerity measures, but the Government spends OUR money in bringing people, paying them not only for coming, but also all their food and drink expenses (And I mean like alcohol, not water!). This is an outlaw Government, but they have the power. We only flags, whistles and chants, but we will keep on going….

These are the buses early this morning near Parque del Este where the Chavista march was going to start later in the day. They came from far away, all paid by the Central or local Governments. Such is the face of the Chavez revolution. (More bus pictures in the pictres section dedicated to Dan, I also suggest he look back in the blog to pictures of a pro-Chavez march where Government trucks were shown full of licquor for the revolutionary crowd)

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