Big Sign-up day (Firmazo) on Sunday

January 31, 2003

Since the referendum was suspended due to political manipulation, the opposition will hold on Sunday what is called the “Firmazo” (The big sign-up) day. The idea is that people will go to their polling station as if the referendum was going to take place and sign the petitions to ALL the possible electoral outcomes available, as well as petitions to recall the pro-Chavez Deputies that were elected under their own name rather than the party slate. The petitions will include the one for the Constitutional Admendment, the August recall referendum and a call for a Constituent Assembly. The drive will concentrate in the larger cities of the country with the idea of collecting a minimum of 2 million signatures. There will be places to do this even abroad, those Venezuelans living abroad who are simply registered to vote should see this link to find where to go in their respective country.

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