US Congressmen ask Powell to invoke Democratic Charter

March 5, 2003


 US representative Lincoln Diaz-Baralt, sent a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell asking for the US Government to invoke the OAS Interamerican Democratic Charter. In a very short and succinct letter, the Florida Congressman, uses arguments very similar to those used here to justify calling the Venezuelan Government a Dictatorship to ask the US Government to invoke Article 20 of the Democratic Charter which says the Charter can be invoked whenever an alteration of the Constitutional order takes place in a member state. Congressman Diaz-Baralt cites the detention of opposition leaders, the murders of the three dissenting military of Altamira and the Chavez’ Government ties to terrorism. (I tend to emphasize the first two, have few proofs of the last one). The letter was also signed by the following Congressmen according to another source: Mario Diaz-Balart (Florida and brother of Lincoln); Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida); Roy Blunt (Missouri); Curt Weldon (Pennsylvania); Dan Burton (Indiana) and Chris Smith (New Jersey). I have been trying to find the letter in English, will link to it if I find it.

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