Arias Cardenas: Government resists electoral solutions

March 31, 2003


Francisco Arias Cardenas, who was one of the for leaders of the1992 failed coup with Hugo Chavez, said today that the Government is resisting an electoral solution to the political crisis. Arias said that his approach to get closer to the Government was meant to create from within the Government an atmosphere that would lead to an electoral solution to the Venezuelan crisis. He said he was looking for a proposal “ to come out from there, ……we made the effort for this….but it is impossible, we are convinced there is no possibility”. Arias Cardenas had been accused of getting closer to Chavez as a way of serving as interim President after a recall referendum or if elections were to be called by Chavez. While Chavez and Arias Cardenas used to be very close, Arias split from Chavez a year and a half after Chavez’ first election to the Presidency and was the opposition  candidate when Chavez ran once again for President after the new Constitution was approved in 2000.

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