Four new polls out on Chavez popularity

March 31, 2003


I received reports today on four different nationwide polls, all of them reaching very similar  and fairly consistent conclusions. Among the highlights:


-Hugo Chavez would resoundly lose a recall referendum in August.


-Hugo Chavez has a chance to win an election in which three candidates participate (Chavez plus two more).


-Hugo Chavez would lose an election one on one with any of the major leaders of the opposition.


-Hugo Chavez is rejected by a majority of the population across all social strata. Clearly, the higher the strata the higher the rejection levels, but even in the lowest social levels, 50 percent-plus of the population rejects him.


-Venezuelan society is highly polarized, with 50-plus percept considering itself anti-Chavez and 30-plus percent being pro-Chavez, with less than three to six percent not taking either side.


-The population rejects anything that has to do with the major political parties of the past.


-Unemployment and crime are considered to be the top two problems by the population. The first of these is not fully blamed on Chavez, while the second one definitely is.

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