An Act of Corrupt, Capitalistic and Robolutionary In(Justice)

March 10, 2010

(In Spanish here)

Today the Venezuelan Supreme Court pensioned off 90% of the Court, applying the benefit to all the Justices that were eligible. At the same time, all of these Justices will continue in their functions until Chavez’ Constitutional period ends in 2012. Only one Justice, likely the only honest and ethical one, Justice Marmol Leon opposed it. Here is the decision.

Why you may ask why was this done?

Easy. The National Assembly is about to approve a Law limiting salaries in the Venezuelan Government to no more than around Bs. 9,000 (about US$ 1,200 at the parallel rate), which would limit pensions to this number if they were pensioned off in 2012. Instead, they get their pensions today at the current salaries which is like 4 to 5 TIMES higher and on top of that will stay applying their peculiar version of robolutionary Injustice.

The cynical and unethical behavior of these people never ceases to amaze me!

I guess you could call it an act of corrupt, capitalistic and robolutionary Injustice!

22 Responses to “An Act of Corrupt, Capitalistic and Robolutionary In(Justice)”

  1. deananash Says:

    Miguel, reading isn’t their problem, basic math is, remember?

  2. Adolfo Says:

    How many were eligible? One or two?

  3. loroferoz Says:

    I will be the first to recognize that the perfection is unavailable in this world; that “perfect” capitalism, a “perfect” free market and “perfect” freedom exist where perfection does exist, that is, nowhere. Then, you don’t need perfect capitalism or perfect freedom to start reaping benefits from both.

    But calling two things the same (specially if one of them is taken to be evil) because of the incidental similarities is one of the ways of throwing reason out the window and going into propaganda. It might sound pretty to use their flawed world view against them. But it has pitfalls. The Venezuelan opposition did try it, and lost badly to unscrupulous people willing to go hyperbolic still faster while disregarding any attempt at discourse.

    Reason, common sense and a sense of reality is what we need to prevent them from doing what they will with us. They are able to so far as we cannot tell them off (and resist them) when they shoot the next piece of BS, the next unethical proposition (with apparent good intentions). That happens when we are on shaky ground about what is BS, about what is unethical and wrong, and lastly about a right, honest answer for a counterproposal.

  4. moctavio Says:

    Loro: You are absolutely right, it should have been materialistic, not capitalistic!

  5. Antonio Says:

    In other words, they (TSJ) pretend to defend the acquired rights, but they will not ban the Law that limits the salaries in the State.

    If they will not ban the Law that limit salaries, and they go to early retirement they are admitting that their actual salaries are not moral, nor ethical and they not deserved it.

  6. loroferoz Says:

    Capitalist???? Capitalism is about doing business with YOUR money, or with ANOTHER PARTY money, in any case taking FULL responsibility for your actions. And, oh, competing for the same goodies with other people who might make a better bid than yours. If you knowingly misrepresent your offer, it is FRAUD, which carries a penalty at least as far as the defrauded party will be able to pursue you.

    Now what’s “capitalistic” in this decision? A pack of immensely corrupt and inept judges (and part of court packing they were, knowingly), who were named to impart justice (at least nominally) but in reality were bought and paid even before that, to impart the buyers’ (Chavez) decisions (fraud here)?. Now they vote themselves a pension and keep “working” (further fraud). With absolutely no oversight or input from either the people or a representative thereof (Clodosbaldo Rufian?).

    It’s greed, corruption, and all that. But I see no capitalism there. The only capitalist transaction will occur when these thieves go shopping with their self-appointed payment.

  7. Vitor Says:

    Im a libertarian but I cant see how supreme court judgers or an attorney general will accept to only earn what is 2,400 reais.

  8. Vitor Says:

    Well, Im a libertarian, but I cant imagine any supreme court judger or any attorney general accepting a salary of what is about 2,400 reais. Corruption will only sky rocket.

  9. Roberto Says:

    Because, Miguel and Antonio, in the end they are humans too. And humans will always go for more if they can get away with it.

    Que son unas ratas? No doubt.

    Que no tienen concepto de la majestad del poder judicial? Old news.

    This is actually quite good.

    What do you think 99% of Venezuelans are going to think of these guys? ( esa cuerda de hijos de puta is probably the nicest thing they’ll think)

    I certainly hope the opposition realy hammers the “rats from a sinking ship” angle to this one.

    Ese SI es un boche que no deben pelar.

  10. Antonio Says:

    What about to TSJ judge set axample for revolition?.

    Did they say: UH, AH Chavez no se va !!?

    Are they not rojos, rojitos?

    Why do not sacrifice theirseft and take the misery 9.000 Bs. maximun retairement salary.?

  11. Roberto Says:

    I’m gonna piss off some folks here, but here goes.

    You tell me, honestly, that if you were in the same situation labor wise (forget you’re a TSJ judge for the moment) that you wouldn’t do the same thing?

    Gee, retire now and get more money, or keep working and get less later. Hmmmmm, tough choice!!!!

    If you answered yes, you would wait to retire with less money, then you my friend are in the 0.000000000000000001% on the planet that would do so.

    I may not like the fact that the court gets new judges appointed by Esteban Chacumbele (actually I HATE IT!), but I really can’t blame them for taking the money. It seems that the TSJ is not the only branch to go this route either, you can expect other government employees that are up for retirement going to pasture soon.

    Quien coño se va a pelar ese boche?

  12. moctavio Says:

    I disagree, if that were the case, all would have been “retired” from the Court to be replaced, only two were.

  13. Roy Says:

    I think Daniel’s explanation as the primary reason for this move makes more sense. For people in these judges’ positions, their actual salaries are trivial in comparison to their opportunities for… “extra-official income”.

  14. moctavio Says:

    I believe in the monetary explanation, these judges will not be replaced until 2012, note two of them were truly retired only, the rest plan to stay.

  15. LD Says:

    wow! if that is the justice…

  16. Nasi Lemak Says:

    How does this affect our already screwed injustice system? Does that mean that if chavez loses the majority of la asamblea, this new judges wwhich will be pointed out by chacumbele’s finger will be able to overpower la asamblea?

  17. keplerito Says:


    Daniel writes that it will allow Chavez to name a full term TSJ before the new assembly comes in. Is that not important that the new assembly, if the opposition wins, has a chance too name some of the judges?

  18. dillis Says:

    pero ser rico es ser malo…..

  19. Juan Says:


    Chavez loves this kind of ‘actions’ from his ’employees’, this is just another page in the long file he has on each and everyone of his ’employees’. Plus he has a clear message for them ‘if you follow my lead I will keep paying your unlawful pension forever, but if you help the enemy (oppo/ the people) your pensions will be cut and you will all end up in jail’.

    Anyway, he will use this whenever it suits him best, no doubt most of these judges will end up in jail with or without Chavez.

    Remember, in Venezuela is not about what is best for the country, its what is best for ME!

  20. moctavio Says:

    He had all but three, two were really retired, I dont see what changes othr than giving Chavez the choice.

  21. island canuck Says:

    Daniel points out,, that this will allow Chavez to appoint 90% new judges for a 9 year term effectively guaranteeing him control even if the opposition wins a majority in September.

    As Daniel says it’s a judicial coup.

  22. Isa Says:

    And Chavez will not have the BALLS to fire them

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