While Venezuelans are coerced to use less electricity than in 2009 due to the lack of investment, Chávez lends Cuba US$ 170 million to build a power plant there

March 9, 2010

While Venezuelans are coerced, penalized and threatened if they use as much electricity as last year, which is only due to the Government’s incompetence and lack of investment, Chávez lends (???) Cuba US$ 170 million to build a plant in the province of Holguin which will have 175 MW of power and will be interconnected to Cuba’s power grid

Above, letter to Alejandro Andrade, President of Venezuela’s development bank Bandes asking for a 10 million euro payment as part of the “loan” for the power plant in Holguin

Letter with wire instructions for the payment of 10 million euros

Schedule of payments for the year 2010 for building the power plant in Holguin

(Hat tip DR!)

24 Responses to “While Venezuelans are coerced to use less electricity than in 2009 due to the lack of investment, Chávez lends Cuba US$ 170 million to build a power plant there”

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  2. Roger Says:

    Speaking of Castro lovers here is this from Lula http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100311/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/lt_brazil_cuba Brazil had better find the center next time

  3. Antonio Says:

    Sorry, in last post, the Borg’s phrase is “resistance is futile”

    Sorry to the trekies

  4. Antonio Says:

    The term “Chavista” is enough insult for an intelligence being, animal or human.

    They recall to me, to “The Borgs” from the Start Trek series and movies.

    All the coercion, coactions and repression, is to give the idea that “resistance if futile”, to achieved power through forced assimilation.

    But I agree with OM that simple call them “Troll” in enough, a sounds like Borg. I like that way

  5. Kepler Says:


    The white or “rather white” have used the term monkey over and over and over again to refer to the black or dark-skinned. Although things have changed, you will see chances are that the average chavista is blacker than the average non-chavista. I know there are a million exceptions. Still, that is the general picture. I have seen a couple of uses of the term monkey for white people (once on Lukashenko and once in a text about some bodyguards of some Russian mafiosi), but they are very few.

    Focas con camisa roja perhaps?
    chavez cultist?
    Red banana socialist?

  6. Bob Taylor Says:

    If I ask a guy in a red shirt if he is a chavista ,he says yes.
    If I ask are you a red monkey he is not sure.
    We have to find a derogatory description for people wearing red shirts. It´s not racist at all !!Red shirts is not bad enough . Any ideas??????

  7. Megaescualidus Says:

    Liz, your method to lower the electricity bill is very creative. Though I’m not even close to suggest that people shouldn’t try it (or that it won’t lower the bill) it reminds me of the type of “creativity” cubans (I mean, the ones trapped in the island of Cuba, who have been suffering from Fidel’s dicatorship since 1959, not the ones recently “exported” to Venezuela) have come up with since for them there’s no option other than having to cope with a Government full of inepts. Venezuela has been moving in that direction faster than people would like to admit.

  8. loroferoz Says:

    But the crows are coming back to roost, and fast.

    Well, the government has coerced businesses and slapped stickers on businesses that have a “high power consumption”.

    Businesses have countered with a good proposal that comes back at the government and bites hard. A “dia de parada”.

    Nifty! They consume less power overall, they do not have to pay expenses for the day they are stopped. They do not have to function at half-engine paying full wages. The days they work, they work for sure.

    Employment for the informally employed, SENIAT tax collection, and transportation plummet by less than 20%.

    If somebody does not make a salary to get by day to day, if someone else finds the store closed, or does not get supplies on a particular day, there is only ONE PARTY to blame.

    And they should answer all such claims with “go tell that to Corpoelec, and maybe they will tell Chavez, and maybe he will order the financing of a Venezuelan power plant for ten Cuban ones and maybe you will have business with us… NOT! maybe in three years…”

    I know, it’s not fun but… there is only one extremely cynical party to blame for all of this.

  9. liz Says:

    Some of us sit in the dark by choice! -to save electricity-. Our house seems like a black cave at night. GRRR! It makes me so mad to read these things.

    In the meantime, let me share with the ones still living in Venezuela what the people from Serdeco told my husband more than a month ago (they visited his place of work to check the power). The way they ‘measure’ it is by the peak day of the month. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you stay in the dark the rest of the month, change to fluorescent bulbs etc.!!

    They will take the measure and CHARGE you according to the day that you were using your water heater, washing machine, dryer, clothes iron, hair dryer, TV, laptop, AC or fan ceiling and some lamps were on -all at the same time- which is typical of any household.

    The solution: use those appliances one at a time! It works! You cannot turn off the fridge, but everything else is doable. It requires a bit more time and some organizing, but it surely reduces your power bill. Mine came lower.

  10. Antonio Says:

    I have to defend monkeys and gorillas.

    They are animals moving by natural instincts, please see National Geographic, even they are cute.

    They can not be comparing with that maligned thing.

    Will be more appropriate compare with Nero, Caligula, Hitler, Adi Amin, Sadam Husein, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, they are de same.

  11. Neat Says:

    Yes indeed, let just call him red gorilla !

  12. Kepler Says:


    The word monkey has very racist implications.

  13. Bob Taylor Says:

    Kepler is spot on . The red monkeys need to know the truth about this clown !!!!

  14. Deanna Says:

    How many years of solitary confinement (without bail) do they give for “traicion a la patria”??? I can hardly wait to see this S…H… gone for about 100 years!!!!

  15. LuisF Says:

    Juan, a coffin is to easy a way out, besides that is waht his cuban handlers will do when they need to crate a new t-shirt out fo thir “martyr”…

    We need him in imputado, juzgado, condenado…and then, maybe then silenciado.

    the problem is not chavez btw. Is the something-for-nothing attitude Venezuelans have. Until the shit hits the fan, deeply and we are able to see our responsability in all this mess, we wont as a society get any better…


  16. Kepler Says:


    I think we need to distribute copies of this…through Venezuela’s bus stations and public hospitals where the poor are, the 80% without internet accesss

  17. Juan Says:

    Just another Chavez insult to Venezuelans in general, I want him in a coffin ASAP

  18. Megaescualidus Says:

    I can (and I have for years now, since ’99) summarize it very simply: Chavez = “vende patria” (translation: will sell even his mom if that’s what it takes in order to stay in power). BTW, not too different from his “uncle” Fidel, who has pushed aside daughter(s), family, etc., who have dared to go against him.

  19. Neat Says:

    “Government debt basically comes in two forms: debt that is issued by a government and priced in its domestic currency, and debt that is issued by a government, but priced in another nation’s currency. Collectively, these debts are what analysts refer to as the total debt of a nation, or sovereign debt. In their informative book, This Time Is Different, authors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff culled centuries of historical data to show that when debt reaches 90% of a nation’s GDP, a warning signal should sound among investors, citizens and governments. (In Greece, for instance, that figure is now north of 100%.)”

    This appeared on CNN’s web (http://money.cnn.com/2010/03/08/news/international/next_greece.fortune/index.htm?postversion=2010030815) and graph showing CDS metric (“metric to compare is the price of credit default swaps (CDS) for a number of major European nations. A credit default swap is the insurance a lender buys against potential default. The lender will pay a certain percentage of the debt to insure against its default.”)

    Shows that Venezuela after Argentina is second economy with highest CDS spread over a 5 years period.

    “Countries don’t go out of business.” That may be true, but countries with too much debt running large deficits certainly do default.

  20. island canuck Says:

    As we sit here in Margarita in the dark 3 times a week (for now) knowing that we have sufficient power supply & then read something like this makes me madder & madder.

    Why can’t we get together & get rid of this AH!

    Yesterday, in addition, it was water.
    We haven’t received any water in 2 weeks while streets on both sides of us had plenty.

    Well it turns out that the “llavero” was being paid by the water truck drivers to keep the street without water due to the number of posadas on the street & the fact that they are getting BsF.200+ for 8.000 litres of dirty water. The neighbors got together & we opened the tap for the street & now my tanks are full again.

    It just never stops.

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