El Niño is over, does the Government know?

March 29, 2010

While the Government keeps blaming El Niño for the electric crisis, according to Tal Cual, José Gregorio Sottolano, head of the Government’s National Institute for Metereology and Hydrology has announced that the phenomenon has now weakened.

According to this gentleman, El Niño has now gone from moderate to weak and we should get ready for rains.

This guy should be fired inmediately for a number of reasons. First of all, he is giving a technical opinion, something which is really not welcomed in the Chávez adminsitartion. second, he is saying that this El Niño was “moderate”, which goes against the official line of the worst El Niño since Bolívar died in Santa Marta. Finally, he is implicitly saying that the electric crisis should be over soon since El Niño is almost over.

I think both the Prosecutor and the TSJ should act on this case, accusing Mr. Sottolano of technical negligence. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about.

Or does he?

5 Responses to “El Niño is over, does the Government know?”

  1. Ira Says:

    Well, when the really heavy rains come, he’s going to blame the inoperable turbines at Guri on global warming.

    Either that, or he’ll blame it on Obama, Uribe, Israel, Gore, Rosales, or he’ll claim they’re not working because there’s too MUCH rain.

  2. Otro Roberto Says:

    María, I would have put the quotation marks at the word democratic.

  3. Charly Says:

    Todo es la culpa del niño Chavez

  4. Roger Says:

    The ultimate Venezuelan Excuse… “We could not increase power generating capacity for over 10 years due to El Nino”! I think the real reason is that they were “Humping La Nina”!

  5. maria gonzalez Says:

    Miguel check this site.


    El Niño event was moderate to strong, also look at the predictions in Fig. 6. So the lawyers of José Gregorio Sottolano can defend him if he gets in the trouble with the democratic government of the “Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela”

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