There are lines in Boston

April 14, 2013


Thanks PH

8 Responses to “There are lines in Boston”

  1. albion boy Says:

    “Tibisay Lucena says with 99%.12% of votes with 78.2% Nicolas Maduro 7.5 Million votes 50.6% of the votes, Henrique Capriles 49.07% of the votes. Whether true or not this is a HUGE opposition victory”

    What? this victory is a George Bush type victory, a small win with a new president, and everyone will give them the benefit of the doubt of a fix, and the opposition accepts Maduro, giving him time to establish himself

  2. megaescualidus Says:

    Estoy escuchando que Maduro esta ganando

    • el burrito Says:

      Probablemente. La robadera y el ventajismo fue demasiado hoy. Como vas a aplicar un paquete económico cuando tuviste que hacer trampa descarada para ganar con 4 o 5% mas que tu contrincante. Negros días vienen y mas con la super crisis internacional.

  3. alfredo Socorro Says:

    Estoy muy Optimista.
    Yes we can !!!!!

  4. Kepler Says:

    Maduro’s account hacked, hehe

  5. Hans Says:

    Frankfurt / Germany about 600 ppl came to vote.

  6. Humberto Says:

    Interesting. There were none in NYC but then again, I was there very early.

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