Grasping at straws?

January 14, 2003

I may just be grasping at straws, but Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel who has been one of the most cynical personalities in the Chavez Government when it comes to violence or the interpretation of events, had his press office issue a press release (also unusual) that contained these thoughts:

 “The unqualifiable agression to Dr. Eduardo well as the attack on the church in Maracaibo…as well as the innumerable pot-banging events agaisnt Government members..conform a climate of irrationality and define an unaceptable dinamic of violence that venezuelans have to reject”      

“Venezuelans have to coincide that in the current circumstances we have to unequivocally repudiate violence, coming from whatever side it comes, whomever their authors are and no matter of which political side they come from”

“Omission and silence in the face of violence is as dangerous as incurring in it directly” Finally, it praises local newspaper El Nacional (highly criticized by Chavez himself) which says in today’s editorial: “The other (side) is as respectable as yours, no matter what they may think..We have to defend tolerance with tolerance. Respect for the other person is respect for yourself”

This is a change in tone, I may be grasping at straws….but…..

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