More on Chavez’ Saturday meeting

January 14, 2003

More detailes have leaked on the meeting that Hugo Chavez held on Saturday with some members of the opposition and the church. Reportedly the meeting took place at Fuerte Tiuna, not at the Presidential Palace. There were four people, two bishops and Eduardo Fernandez, a Social Christian, former Presidential candidate and President of COPEI. The other atendee was former Presidential candiadte for the socialist party, Teodoro Petkoff, who was also Minister of Planning in the Caldera administration and is the Editor of Tal Cual, an afternoon newspaper. There are different versions of the meeting, Fernandez says that Chavez was “willing to listen to alternatives”. One of the priests, however, said that ” Chavez insisted he will not go for elections”. Thus, it is not clear whether there might be some light at the end of the tunnel at this time, but it is something, no?

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