Military confiscate the weapons of the Metropolitan Police

January 14, 2003

This morning at 3 AM army and National Guards forces confiscated the weapons of the Metropolitan Police, including those used mantain public order. The confiscation includes taking even bullets. Now, conisder this, the Metropolitan Police is in charge of the security in all of Caracas, every weekend there are 40-50 deaths in Caracas, how many do you think there will be this weekend? Curiously, the Government had began returning the Metropolitan Police as decided by the Supreme Court and last Friday the first meeting of the “National Council for citizen Security” had taken place and both sides had hailed it as an important milestone. The Supreme Court said in a decision on DEcember 16th. that the Government could coordinate police action but had no authority to intervene the Metropolitan Police like it did in November. It’s hard to understand what the Government is looking for.

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